ZB2/GI-001, The Rock of Gibraltar on 20m SSB

Well that turned out to be a good one.

Saw ZB2JK was on 14.185 rattling out the contacts and managed to make CONTACT with him
New DXCC for me yeahh :star_struck:
Better still off me 20m HB MLA. :nerd_face:

Then thought the rock is that a Sota
Looked it up YEP.

At end of this stint called in and asked if on the summit as did hear him we have to descend soon ?? This is what made me think is this a Sota in ZB2.

Spoke with the OP again and HE CONFIRMS OP FROM THE PEAK OF THE SUMMIT :slight_smile:

Boom ZB2 Sota clocked and new DXCC one as well
Am rather chuffed with this well bloody happy.



Congratulations. I had a similar exprience in May 2018 on 50MHz. It really is magic to get the Rock !

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

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Hi Karl,

Congratulations for your ZL2 contact!
It seems that there were good conditions to ZL, since today, at 12:16z, I did a contact to ZL1TM while on a summit. I just used my standard home-brew EFHW and 10W SSB. This is my first contact with ZL from a SOTA summit. I was lucky and was recording a video at this time.

Have fun and 73 Stephan

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Hi Stephan

It was ZB2 which is Gibralta. SOTLAS
Rare as only locals are allowed to do HF (as far as I recall)

But congrats on you ZL1 contact. I managed last year on the 31st of Dezember.

73 Joe


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your information, now I understand the term “rock” that was used by Andrew!
And reading the whole title would have helped as well :blush:

73 Stephan

I took the freedom to update the title so that it becomes clearer.
As a teenager I got the chance to visit “the rock” and mainly recall the tunnels and the airport were the road goes over the runway.
A interesting place to visit.


Hi Karl,
Well done - that home made trombone capacitor tuned mag loop is doing you proud!

This sounds like it was a case of someone activating a SOTA summit without knowing about the scheme. You were lucky to work this one out.

It’s rare to find portable HF operations in Gibraltar. Foreign visitors are not allowed HF privileges after someone caused interference to the airport in their operation some years ago.

The radio club is sometimes on the air portable but rarely anyone else, so well done again on catching this rare contact.

73 Ed.

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Excellent work

Good luck too. I wonder how many hams live on the Rock. When i was there almost all the housing was flats.



ZL I wish :slight_smile: LOL