Yorkshire Day August 1st 2021

Yorkshire Flag

Yorkshire Day is a yearly celebration on 1 August since 1975, to promote the County of Yorkshire, in Northern England.

The whole County North, South, West and East contains 23 summits, of which two are shared with Cumbria. The summits lie in the G/TW, G/NP and G/SP Regions. A list:

I am intending to activate one or two Yorkshire summits from the attached list on Sunday 1st August. I hope other operators may also do the same.

73 Phil G4OBK


As a Yorkshire lad myself, I shall endeavour to work you S2S from somewhere in the EU. Good luck Phil!
73 de DL/OE6FEG/P


i must have been saving G/TW-003 for just such an occasion Phil.

Thank goodness for us Lancastrians on extended missionary duties in Yorkshire, to help them celebrate! :grin:


Good to see such enthusiasm Andy, from the Lancastrians of Yorkshire! And now Matt is aware that we are from the dark side… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was going to comment that it’s funny to see a bloke from Lancashire promoting Yorkshire Day!

I’ve just been for an evening walk to the border, I stayed safely within the Yorkshire side, I’d left my passport at home.

The other side of the fence is Lancashire!

I’ll have to check my diary but a Yorkshire Day activation sounds like fun.

73, Colin
(Yorkshire born and bred)


That’s one hell of an erratic boulder Colin…
Married to a Yorkshire woman also born and bred


The Big Stone! My children used to climb that on holiday.


Echoing Matt (OE6FEG)'s comment - I’ll also try to get out here as an East Yorkshire Ex-Pat in Bavaria, Germany and give some S2S contacts back to those on Yorkshire summits!

73 Ed DD5LP (G8GLM)
image image


Having spent many years in North Yorkshire at various times since 1964 I am more than happy to celebrate Yorkshire Day and will be on my nearest summit of G/TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold on various HF bands and 2 metres.

Nick G4OOE


Yes, the boulder, the ‘Big Stone’ is said to have been hurled over the Irish Sea by Finn McCool.

I checked the calendar, it turns out that I’ll be in Filey on holiday on Yorkshire Day. I checked and it looks as though G/TW-004 would be my nearest summit.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be taking part in the Yorkshire Day SOTA event.



I’m over in God’s Country this weekend for a family do, but will try and sneek in a chase contact or two.
Regards, Mark.

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HI Colin / All
You’ll be fighting for space (NOT) with Nick on TW-004. The AZ is about 12 miles in circumference!

73 Phil

That is the first day of my assault on the Welsh Borders (using intelligence from your Blog Phil).

Hopefully I’ll be able to work a few Yorkshire summits.

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Hi Colin

As Phil has already stated there is plenty of room. Dave G3TQQ has already alerted so you are welcome to either join us or find your own spot on the mighty G/TW-004 summit. Enjoy your holiday in Filey. I can recommend a trip to nearby sunny Scarbados!



Originally the holiday was booked for Edinburgh, the booking was cancelled due to the pandemic. The booking included ~£100 in vouchers to spend on site. The next booking was for Edinburgh but the price had increased so that meant no vouchers to spend on site. Again a cancellation :disappointed:. Trying to re-book the same site meant adding more money to the pot as the price had increased again. Filey it had to be!

I have been to Scarbados before, I mostly remember the ice creams! I think I may have been out on boat too, an ex WW2 veteran doing trips around the bay IIRC.

Not sure what August 1st will bring, might sneak a small MTR into the bag.

73, Colin

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I believe the boat to be the Regal Lady. I have also been out on her, 20 odd years ago Colin.

Good spot Filey. We like Ingham’s fish and chips - gardens nearby with seating for eating them. No marauding seagulls when we last enjoyed them there last July…

73 Phil

I can remember going /MM on the Regal Lady or the Coronia (not really sure which one it was) with the Scarborough Special Events Group when those boats were allowed to go from Scarborough to Whitby before the EU regulations stopped them doing that. It wasn’t a great success on the radio but we all had a jolly time and enjoyed our day out on the boat and a walk around Whitby!

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Great idea Phil, Alert posted. I may have company with me doing 2m FM. If not I will do it as well as HF.

73 Chris M0RSF

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You’ve nailed it Nick! It was MV Coronia that I went on. Thanks for sorting that one out. :slight_smile:

The other boat was an equally valid candidate.

I will of course celebrate Yorkshire Day!

73, Colin

Yorkshire flag and East Yorkshire sticker arrived - The flag will be going on the mast during my activation - that should draw some questions from passers-by in Bavaria !

:blossom: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: