WTB Palm Pico Paddle - Finally Found and Purchased

I know it is a long shot…but I would like to purchase a Palm Radio Pico Paddle if anyone has or knows of someone that has one that would be willing sell theirs Please give them my information.
Dennis Hutcheson

I have 5 Mini Palm Paddles sitting in the cupboard at home. Unfortunately, they all belong to the Graz Morse Code School. It would be so interesting to auction them off one by one on Ebay :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:.

The 3D printed versions look quite good:

It is purely my own personal taste, but I prefer the Palm Mini Paddle to the Pico Paddle. If you really can’t find a seller, you should seriously consider making your own.
73 de OE6FEG

Yes, the Pico paddle is too tinny to use, I prefer mini, the dimensions are not soo bigger.

It is said so often, but keys are very personal, what suits one may not suit another.

I have a Palm Mini and a Palm Pico. I much prefer the Pico. Until I acquired my beloved Kent twin desk key, I used the Pico for main station operating.

I haven’t seen anything else brought to market yet which looks as nicely made as the Palm keys.

And the mechanism is the right solution: no moving parts (i.e. bearings) and very little metal to corrode. Where are the Chinese when you actually need them to copy something?


If available 5 months ago when I started putting my SOTA gear together I probably would have purchased a Palm key paddle.

Instead I found the Te-Ne-Key paddle and love it. You might want to consider it.


Here we are. A shameless copy but…

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More cheaper than eBay:

€ 34,44 11%OFF | Automatic key transmitter exerciser oscillator Morse code shortwave CW radio Auto button for Ham PALM RADIO