WS19 Activation tomorrow

We, being my father and myself should be on the Great Orme with our 19 set from 0900 UTC tomorrow morning. Weather forecast is not brilliant at the moment, but should be usable.

I will be using the ‘official’ VMARS frequencies as per usual.

80m has been poor today, I am aiming to start here first and change over to 60m mid morning. I suspect the batteries will last around 4 hours giving a large enough window for any callers. 40m will be last, I am not expecting any inter-G propagation on this band.

Arial is the original 1940’s long wire and radial ground. It seems to perform well, we shall see :wink:

May work you tomorrow, remember it is AM !

Thank you in advance,



The only VMARS frequency that I know is 3.615, are there others?


5.317 is the other one, but not often used due to a data transmission being close by. Its OK with modern receivers.

40m will probably be impossible, but I will be going lower rather then higher. ~ 7.09 MHz

Using the KX3 to zero beat using the NET switch. No laptop this time :slight_smile:

Good luck Jonathan hope you’re taking your BC221 along to check your frequency :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

I have a few of them at the end of my bed, they weigh more than the 19 set with the wooden box. Work incredibly well though if the calibration book is accurate.

The 19 did have a crystal calibrator unit but its not often seen.

Yes, I have hours of fun checking the calibration of my collection of Marconi TF144H’s with one. You may be getting some idea why my XYL dreads me going to rallies so :unamused:

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Collection of TF144H’s !

We use a TF144H as the main signal generator at home, its variable attenuator is very useful. It has good phase noise performance too. I have no reason to replace it with a modern generator. I suspect that will happen one day though.

My university has one sitting on a shelf, I suspect most of the international PhD students don’t know what it is, rather a shame really.

My mother lost that battle when I was 14, I do wonder if things will change when I move to Cambridge. I suspect they won’t :smile:


Best of luck. The sky looks even more broken today than yesterday. At the current rate, critical frequency is going to struggle to get to 5MHz!

Oh dear :frowning:

Lets try this again using the new tools. That previous plot doesn’t change when you change the date or location.

Looks a little different for Munich but not a lot:

80 metres certainly from this prediction appears to be the best band all day at the moment, for up to 500Km, and further in the evening. (No 5MHz allowed here). 40m for longer distances, 20m - forget it!


Did try 80m this morn

OH my 80+ noise floor :frowning:
60m ear wigging S7 noise floor nothing heard.
retuning to 7090.


I just managed to work him on 5.317, he gave me 4 by 5, not bad for 2 watts from an FT817! It sounds like even his mike is original!


S5 noise level here in Shrewsbury, Jonathan heard on the peaks of QSB, but not workable for me. Much the same on 80m and 60m…

Update: Just made it on 60m, my noise level has dropped to S3, and QSB brought Jonathan’s signals up… :smile:

25 Watts from FT857, “dog leg” 80m dipole 7 metres high, matched on 5MHz with Z match

Sill question

Just looked up foundation licence conditions, states from 7045 to 7200 CW and SSB modes

No mention of AM modes

Yet 20m and above all modes are part of band yet not on 40m yet allowed on 80 and 160m

Would i be correct in saying this is true of foundation licence holders for uk that i can’t use AM on 40mb


No and I very much doubt your licence mentions bandplans and which modes should be used where.

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Tantalising snippets of Jonathan calling CQ popped out of the noise on 5.317 but never enough to consider calling :frowning:

FWIW got an audible heterodyne from his carrier on 80m with a narrow CW filter in too

Maybe another day…

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi Karl

Not sure where you found those conditions, Schedule 1 table A of your license details what frequencies and power you can use as a Foundation licensee - no mention of modes.

73 de Paul G4MD

A novel idea would be to turn that carrier on and off, perhaps with some sort of keying device.
Someone could device a code which represented letters and numbers, and you could communicate with just the switched carrier instead.
Sounds like an A1 idea although unlikely to catch on…


Just been browsing the RSGB band plans and AM is allowed on 40m with provision of QRM to others of band including Inter and foundation


always best to check