wouxun kg-679e

Can you tell me if this rig can be programmed with software?
If so where can i get a lead and the software?

Many thanks

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Wouxun does not list any software available for this model on their website and it is not supported by the generic CHIRP software either.
Sorry - it looks like you are out of luck - have you asked the dealer that you bought it from? I take it, there was no mini-CD supplied with the radio?
What you are looking for is the “CPS” software (Customer programming software).

It is possible that a CPS for another model may work with this one but that may also damage the radio!

73 Ed DD5LP.

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How about this one?


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Well done Fraser!
When I search from the support page here:
Two Way Radio User Manual , Programming Software (wouxun.com)

It came back with nothing found! - I guess that page doesn’t like combined model numbers or something!

That page Fraser gave looks like what you need John - plus a data cable - that you should be able to find on eBay or Amazon or AliExpress or Temu.

73 Ed.


Hope i have this correct reply place
I cannot believe the kg-679e is only radio that to find a program cable for is so hard.
All the others have loads of cables
I have got the sofware from wouxun and installed it all okay.
I got one of those multiple leads which it said on there site works on all wouxun radios
but when I plug it into the radio then load up the software then press the correct com port then press get from radio it comes back cannot connect to radio.
I did not get the cable from the link because had to wait till march for it
I’m lost
Thanks to all for the help

Hi John,
The first thing to check is that Windows has accepted the cable. With the cable plugged into a USB port on the PC, go into “Device Manager” and look under Ports (COM & LPT) - see what is listed there. If there is a mark against an entry, it means you don’t have the correct driver for the cable loaded. Press the right mouse button followed by “update driver”, hopefully, that will fix it - if you get a message in bold text something like WINDOWS DOES NOT SUPPORT… You have a cable whose usage has been blocked - let’s hope that is not the case!
If there is no mark against an entry there, pull the cable out and one of the listed entries should disappear. If it does, that’s good. If all stay the same (these are other com ports) then the cable has a problem.
OK, assuming Windows has accepted the cable, and you have entered the com port number in the software that is displayed in the windows device manager, the problem may be at the other end.
It is possible that the connector at the radio end is not plugged fully in (even though it has clicked once). make sure that the connector is at 90° to the side of the radio and press the plug in somewhat harder than you would expect. If it clicks further in - that was most likely your problem. Usually, if this is the problem, the next time you plug the cable in, it will go all the way in with less pressure.

73 Ed.




the first time I used such a cable with my Woxun (different type) I’ve got the same error. Then I saw the plug was not deep enough in the TRX. With more force it was full plugged. After this a normal force was ok.

73 Ludwig