Wouxun KG-679E 2m handheld txcvr

Got my hands on some of these to loan out to newly licensed students. (Many thanks to Mark G0VOF and Roy G4SSH).

I’ve worked most of the stuff out, but the manual isn’t brilliant! I could do with some pointers on the following:

  1. I’ve programmed a couple of the memories - but how do I select and call up these memory channels once saved?

  2. How do I get a 1750Hz toneburst? The manual seems to indicate that simultaneously holding the PTT and the button 2 below it will do it, but I’ve had no joy.

Sorry for the off-topic, but I can’t find sufficient expertise on the web, so as usual must resort to finding the real experts on here!

They look and feel nice units, so I hope the performance matches.

Thanks & 73,


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I’m sure the new Wouxun handhelds will meet your student needs. To select memory (channel) mode, press and hold the menu button and power on the txcvr. To revert to VFO mode, repeat.
73, Frank

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The 1750Hz tone burst button is programmable if you have the cable. On mine it is the menu button.

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Garex Electronics are now making full length 1/4Wave whip antennas for the Wouxuns, i’m tempted to try one out since it might improve performance from the standard supplied antenna.


Robert G0PEB

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There has been a few threads about them on the Zed, I haven’t followed them but here is one in case it has anything useful:


Have you found anything about using PRP 76’s yet?


Brian G8ADD

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From what I can tell Brian, Foundation Licence holders may now use modified ex-PMR radios providing they meet the requirements. That wasn’t the case a few years ago, but appears OK on reading the Ofcom site today.


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Thanks Frank. That seems to go into the 8 temporary storage memories, but not the main memory channels.

I have programmed GB3VT with offset and CTCSS into memory 001, but still can’t find a way to select and use that memory after storage!


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Hi Tom

I own the Dualband version, to change from VFO to Mem and back again you must
-Press Menu
-Scroll to Menu 21
-Press Menu
-Scroll between 4 options of 1 Freq, 2 Name, 3 CH and 4 CH Freq - select which one you want then
-Press menu to exit

Options 1-4 are basically Freq = VFO, Name = Memories if you have programmed Alpha Numeric Tags, CH = memories that have no alpha numeric tag, and 4 CH Freq is only applicable with the dual band version!

Your single band version may be different but might have similar menu driven options

Matt 2E0XTL

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Menu item 21


Select from Freq(ency) / Ch(annel) / Name / Ch(annel)Freq(ency)


The last three options are all memory channels.

If all else fails weed du manwell

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Your comments only change what is diplayed in the memory chanels, it does not change the VFO - MEM function.

I have the “dual bander” and to change between the VFO and MEM you press MENU then TDR which shows the MEM in FREQ. Then press MEM again scroll through to CH21 and set it to “NAME”

As the 2m only version has not got a TDR key it says in the manual You do have to turn off, then hold “MENU” to switch between VFO and MEM mode…

Hope thats right he thinks nervously!!!

OK, ignore what I have just said about the “dual band” version… Your description do put it in “MEM” mode! Oh well, another thing learned!! Reminder to ones self… Get programming kit!! TTFN

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talking about the Wouxun handheld: Has anybody already checked this webpage? http://www.wouxun.us

they offer a dual bander for USD 107, which seems to be quite a big bang for the buck. I am honestly toying with the idea to purchase one of these, but wonder if they are really suitable for rough outdoor use in heavy rain and at cold temperatures?

To stay OT, the website also offers an extended set of manuals, not for the KG-679E in particular, but maybe the main functions are similar among these devices.

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Also available from Martin Lynch & Sons in the UK or even cheaper direct from China via eBay. If you are worried about warranties then (in the UK) Lynchy is the best bet on the other hand these things are almost throw away cheap or at least hardly worth the postage to send them back if they break, so I go with eBay.

The programming cable is a must. £2.99 & £2 p&P.

PS same cable should work with Kenwood handhelds as the speaker mics are interchangeable.