Winter Activation and Ski TourW7I/ER-054 Red Mountain

This is my 3rd winter activation this year on W7I/ER-054, Red Mountain. It was a great ski tour and a successful activation. I made a short video to show what it’s like to do a ski tour activation in the winter in Teton Valley Idaho. Lesson Learned: The skiing is much better in January than March.


Great, thanks!

What did your fellows do while you were operating from your bivy? Did they do the little extra tour visible in the GPS track?

In the Alps, I haven’t used a bivy or shelter during the activation sso far and rather kept them short because of my fellows.


Hi Martin. Yes, my friends did a ski run where you saw the extra track. They have done 3 activations with me and there has always been something for them to ski while I’m activating. Plus, they like going on long tours to new places.


:blush: :blush: Powder to die for.

I wish we had more snow like that on our hills… Smaller ski tours in the uk are possible, but its really difficult to find good routes which are in condition and on SOTA summits.

I’ve only managed one activation on skis in the UK. And that was mostly flat and only about 4 miles !! :smile:

Hi David,

Sorry to hear you don’t have the snow for ski activations. They are a lot of fun and you get the bonus of a ski run down rather than walking. Last year, I did 4 winter activations in March and the snow was terrible: survival skiing. But this year, due to lack of new snow, I decided to start activating in January. Because there is no NEW snow, the trail breaking is pretty easy. On Red Mountain we had very nice snow: old, condensed powder and easy to turn in.

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Very nice video report, thank you. It looked like great snow conditions.

Outstanding video and expedition Pat! Great music with it too.
Brings back a lot of skiing memories.
Vick k7vk

Skied off Kakanui Peak last winter … without skis. 400 vertical meters of glissade - boots-only skiing with just turns and ice-axe to control the descent. The most fun I’ve ever had descending off a peak.

Quite jealous of those like you that have the gear, conditions and skills to do this properly … with skis.

Hi Matt. FB. 400 meters is a big descent on glissade and so much easier than walking down.

Thanks Vick. I see on QRZ that you’re a SOTA op too. Also, I checked my log and see that we have a couple S2S QSOs. Thanks for that. 73

Thanks Paul. Yes, the ski conditions were very nice. I’ve had good luck this season skiing SOTA peaks with good snow conditions. Last year it was the opposite: all survival skiing.

Oh Pat- That is beautiful skiing, snow and music! Is that the Grand Teton peeking up to the east?

73- Greg



Thanks Greg. Yes, those are the Tetons on the east.