Who else has 5.3 MHz privileges? HB9 does starting Jan 1, 2017

Not so Andy - I will reply via PM.

CEPT operation is for visitors to a country not residents. See annex 1.1. You cannot use either your VK or G calls in Germany. You can use them when visiting neighbouring countries like HB9 and OE of course to get the minimum of what your other licences combined with the country you are visiting. e.g. 6m portable operation.

UK 60m allocation is not the WRC allocation so I’d be dubious about using the UK licence under CEPT in HB9. If VK allocates the 60m WRC slot then you’re sorted. Use the VK call in HB9 when there.

You could apply for an HB9 licence, you’ll probably need an HB9 address though. But that would most likely be the quickest way to get QRV.

Hi Paul,
So far I have contacted the following countries GW, OY, G, PA, VE, HA, OZ, ON, EA, LZ, A4, 9A and I know CT are also allowed to use 60m band, although I’ve never had QSO with any CT.

You can also have a look to these threads about 60m in this Reflector.

Best 73 and I hope to copy you soon on 60m.


In CT/CU/CT3 one are allowed to use 4 channels on 60m, but you need one special permit from Portuguese ANACOM.
Some news talked about the application of WRC’s 60m band for the lateste requests.

On a summit I call regulary on the 60m band - 5403.5 CW - but hardly any QSOs.
73 de Pedro

Hi Pedro (and others),
Getting QSOs I suspect is difficult due to the fact that different countries have different channels or different ranges of bands (e.g. Holland with a full 100KHz, others only the WRC15 15KHz) - probably makes, making contacts outside of ones own country difficult. Add to that, for those using an 817 - as far as I can see the FT-817ND doesn’t have a “band” for 60m rather just 5 spot frequency memory channels and coordinating common frequencies between WRC15 countries and channelised countries (which for SSB appear to be 5354 KHz with UK and 5357 with USA?).

The provisional IARU-R1 proposed bandplan is :

To at least listen I have set my FT-817ND channels as follows:

M601 - 5351.5 KHz (for digital and CW only)
M602 - 5354 KHz
M603 - 5357 KHz
M604 - 5360 KHz
M605 - 5363 KHz

Then of course there are the standard memory channels in the FT817ND, which could perhaps be set to intervening frequrncies in the WRC15 band.

I wonder what others have done.

Ed DD5LP (still hoping that BNetza might allocate 60m in Germany one day).

UPDATE: See below - the German authorities released the WRC15 band for German Full licensees on December 19th. !! Who else has 5.3 MHz privileges? HB9 does starting Jan 1, 2017 - #35 by G8ADD

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It is a fairly simple job to “open up” the 817 so that you can cover any frequency in the 5 megs band - this makes illegal operation possible but I guess we are all trustworthy, and anyway, who would we work?:grinning: I have programmed all the UK legal frequencies into the 817 memories at 1 kHz intervals plus the legacy 0.5 kHz channels. This makes checking all the band quite easy. This could of course be done receive only for the channels used in other countries.


Easy solution: write the frequencies on a piece of paper, sellotape the paper to the 817 case.
Posh solution: write the frequencies on a piece of paper, laminate the paper at work, put laminated paper in rucksack with log paper/materials.

Hard solution: figure out how to put start and stop frequencies of UK allocations into myriad of 817 memories. Give up and adopt easy or posh solution.

Works for me.
YMMV :grin:


Easy peasy, lemon sqeazy! For SSB a couple of 1 kHz memory channels in each segment cannot be used, so add a tag, something like “GC” (guard channel") or “X” (cannot be used), to the label of each affected memory.

Hi Brian,
I guess you are referring to the UK frequency “blocks”? As far as I know there are no banned frequencies in the WRC15 15KHz block (apart from coming across a primary user of course) - or am I incorrect?

Thanks to others for the suggestions. I guess I should have thought of simply “dialing in” the frequency - even though the FT817 doesn’t have a 60m “band” that can be easily switched to via the band buttons, as long as the frequencies are open for Rx & TX, it should be possible to simply keep tuning the Knob to get to the required frequency. I wonder if the 15 MHz Band in the 817 could be re-purposed to be a 60m one, probably not as it’d most likely still have the 15MHz filters? Anyway, that’s a question for one of the FT817 groups, not this one.

73 Ed.

I have the original 5MHz channels in memories labelled with their strange names. I have an attempt at the bizarre extra allocations in memories till I got bored. I have for each normal amateur band 2 CW and 2 SSB frequencies named so I can get to the centre of the CW DX or QRP working by selecting a memory then tuning from it. Hit the VFO/mem button to go back. That covers 99.999999% of activations.

On top I have Edinburgh airport Tower,Approach & ATIS frequencies. It’s amazing how far you can get from the airport and still clearly hear the ATIS channel. For LF propagation I have Shannon Volmet 5 & 8MHz frequencies and RAF Volmet 5 & 11MHz frequencies. If I want to know if 24/28 is open I have a listed down the beacon band or for a signal.

Having some local and “sort-of” local 5MHz big signals to check is excellent for seeing what 5MHz will be like. RAF Volmet is transmitted from near Blackpool (about 120 miles from my QTH) at 10kW and is further than NVIS range for me but needs F or E layer reflection to be heard loud. Many times when conditions are bad this station will be barely there. Other times it will be S9+ just by touching a pencil tip on the BNC input! I can hear RAF Volmet on 11MHz weakly 24/7, I assume ground wave. When it’s loud I’m assuming E layer reflection.

Shannon Volmet is 500km away and is a good inidcator for longer path 5MHz operation. The 8MHz signal is a good E indicator.

If you are interested in 60m work, then find some Volmet stations around 5MHz that will act as propagation beacons for your own location.

Shannon Volmet is further away

Yes, I was referring to the UK blocks. There are no banned frequencies in the 15 kHz WRC allocation - which is partly covered by one UK block but we still cannot access the rest AFAIK - but of course you would need to keep inboard of the HF end on SSB by your bandwidth plus the suggested 0.5 kHz for the narrow band weak signal guys, standard procedure of course.

My 817 and 857 both had an extra range on the bandswitch buttons (which I think were provided for general coverage use?) which can be used for 5 megs. The power reading on my external ATU show that there is no attenuation of the output if using this extra range for 5 megs.


The PDF for my license issued in March 2015 Say under note (g) which covers various conditions for 5 MHz:

(viii) The Licensee shall operate the Station only at the Main Station Address or at a Temporary Location within the United Kingdom.

That might mean that you cannot operate on 60m in other countries under CEPT.

[quote=“G0LGS, post:32, topic:14307”]That might mean that you cannot operate on 60m in other countries under CEPT.[/quote]…or that you can’t use it Maritime Mobile. The bands you can use while operating under CEPT are the ones permitted for CEPT visitors by the country you are visiting…

We`re in! :slight_smile:
BNetzA tolerates DL amateurs operating on 60m as from now. Who would have thought of that?
5351,5 – 5366,5 kHz / 15 W EIRP
Portabel operation permitted.



WOW! - where did that come from ???

Thanks Pom!


Here’s the announcement (in German)

and a Google translation (announcement):
Release date 19.12.2016
The use of the frequency range 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz may only be carried out by the holder of an authorization to participate in the class A amateur radio service. In this case, no interferences at radio stations of another radio service may be caused and there is no protection from interference by radio stations of other radio services.

Google Translation of PDF file:
Communication No 1699/2016
Amateur radio service; Use of the frequency range 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz
The World Radio Conference 2015 of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has approved a secondary allocation in the frequency range 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz for the amateur radio service. (AFuV), which allows the use of the abovementioned frequency range within the meaning of Section 5 (3) of the Amateurfunnengesetz (AFuG) and Article 9 (2) of the AFUV in the medium term , The use of the frequency range 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz in the amateo slot shall be tolerated immediately with the consent of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg). The tolerated uses must comply with the following usage regulations. With the entry into force of the AFUV’s adaptation to the above decision of the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference, this regulation becomes devoid of purpose.
Terms of use

  1. The use of the frequency range 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz may only be carried out by the holder of an authorization to participate in the class A amateur radio service. In this case, no interferences at radio stations of another radio service may be caused and there is no protection from interference by radio stations of other radio services.
  2. The maximum effective radiation power shall not exceed 15 watts EIRP.
  3. The maximum allowed bandwidth of a transmission must not exceed 2.7 kHz.
  4. When using the frequency range 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz, all other provisions of the AFuG and AFuV must be complied with.
    It is important to use this regulation sensitively, to avoid disturbances and to use the maximum power only when it is considered essential to maintain a radio connection or for experimental purposes.

Love this authority language.

Hi Pom,
That’s actually the rule in general in ALL amateur radio licences across the world I believe (to only use as much power as is needed) - not that some contesters take note of it. I agree the Google translate is a little “odd” in places. I was considering improving it, but while it’s understandable as it is, I left it.

Now I need to go and build a 60 metre portable antenna …

73 Ed.

It is great to hear so many strong German stations on 5 megs!

Its worth noting that UK stations cannot use the segment 5.358 - 5.362, at least until Ofcom moves on adopting the new allocation - some time in the next hundred years, no doubt!:angry:

You want to loose all the additional bands and powers we have Brian just for a cruddy wee chunk with a restrictive power limitation just so you can do simplex DX? Really?