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White Top Mountain deep in Death Valley at 7,500ft

I just wrapped up 1,000+ miles around Death Valley and Mojave over 5 days. I activated White Top Mountain and it was quite the adventure up to a very remote spot 7,500ft up in Death Valley. If curious or interested read on/view on at https://w6png.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/white-top-mountain-w6nd-053-in-death-valley-np15/


Wow! What a summit.

Outstanding. :+1:

Cool to see some now there. Having been twice in summer it almost beggars belief.
Great stuff though!

Paul, I listened for you every-time you posted a SPOT, unfortunately you were just barely readable at my QTH where I have an OCF dipole at about 45ft.
Anyway, you must have had a great time completing that run.

Richard / N2GBR (PA)