Which SOTA spotting and database Android app

Where there is signal I am planning to use the phone for spotting etc.
I googled for apps and seems there are several.
Also checked the threads here, just one seems less than 2 or 3 years old (a long time in an app’s lifetime!)

So, what do you android users find to be the best app?
I want to be able to receive spots, ideally with an alert tone (selectable) and spot myself.
A database with the summits in would also be nice. I don’t really need the functionality to navigate to them in the app as that will be taken care of by my Garmin GPSmap 62S where I don’t already know the way.

For me it’s either Rucksack_Radio_Tool (RRT), or just a web browser and SOTAWatch…

I use DroidSpot which is in the PlayStore, or Firefox or just type the spot in as a text message.

I’ve never seen the need for having the database summits data with me on a summit. I print OS maps out for the summits I’m visiting, write the ref, NGR, Maidenhead on the back and also the trig number.

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well SOTAwatch (app) is deffo off the table!

What’s New Removed spotting feature.

Another vote for RRT steve - note, this app is NOT in Google Play - you have to download and install it manually. Bing Microsoft Translator - Translate from German to English It displays spots, lets you spot (either via Internet connection (WiFi or 3g) or via SMS), tells you the closest summit to where you currently are and best of all it’s free. Oh yes another nice feature is that it can speak out the spot rather than just playing a tone and you having to look to see what it is.

If you also want a SOTA logging program, SOTALogger has the spotting capability as well as the logging capability. The “production” version uses Spotlite but the latest development version that I and others are testing for Stephen now uses a direct SOTAWatch link which is important as SpotLite will be shut down at some point. Please refer to this thread for more info: Beta testers wanted: SOTALogger for Android 2.0

The production version of SOTALogger is on Google Play, the development version comes direct from Stephen.

73 Ed.

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Why? I use droid spot to spot summits and Sotawatch app to see who else is about - why do you need anything else.

There is a tendency to over complicate things with regard to equipment and electronic support when activating - KISS is the key, trial and error is the other.

73 Glyn

I’d prefer one to do both, even simpler I’d say.

Then Rucksack Radio Tool (RRT) is probably the best option for you as it displays current spots and allows you to spot. Answering your question to Stephen on the SOTALogger app thread. Like RRT, that app can spot either by Internet (Wifi/3G) or SMS and the latest version supports all current SMS gateways. SOTALogger does not however display current spots. It does have a nice feature in the logging side though - that when you enter the calling stations call sign, it pre-fills the comment field with the comment that you used last time for this (chaser) station - in which I and several activators often enter the other stations name - so this is a way of appearing to always know the name of the chaser, if you’ve worked them before as it comes up as you are logging the contact.

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed,

I am liking the look of RRT.

Though SOTAlogger also looks good.
What is the difference between lite and paid? (out of interest, I think I can manage to find 63p :smile: )


for self-spotting:

easy to use, spotting via 3G or via text-message possible!

for checking other spots during an activation:

easy to use and easy to read (also in bright sunlight)

73 de Martin OE5REO

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RRT for me, usually spotting via the SMS interface. The number of GW/SW summits that have reliable internet access to send and receive spots can be counted on one hand. Of course rbngate does all the heavy lifting in most instances anyway, so self spotting is generally not required.

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I’ve tried a few of these options, but always find one thing or another that irritates me about them. I generally prefer just to use the normal SOTAwatch page on my Android smartphone - works fine. I do also alert in advance, so that my CW CQ SOTA calls will trigger an automatic spot via the RBN.

sounds a bit like me. Which is why I am asking for a consensus :smile:
Eg, I can’t be dealing with tapatalk for forums as it’s too restrictive for me(esp as I am admin on a couple), so use normal browser.

There’s a paid version ? I’ve only used the normal version (but development copies) of SotaLogger, once the dev version is released, I’ll buy the paid version, if only to support the author. I don’t know what the difference is - Stephen - any comment?

Using a browser is also an option, but I find it messy on a smart phone - either a tablet or fablet may be OK but messing around expanding text so its readable and then moving around the page can be a pain. I don’t believe the SOTAWatch pages are mobile friendly and change their format. Android apps are designed for the screen size and so easier to use. Browser is always a fallback though as long as you have Internet access - (sometimes SMS for self spotting is possible when Internet connectivity isn’t).

73 Ed.

Yes I agree, this page is lovely mobile, better than the pc in fact, as in my browser the reply box I am typing in now bottom lines run under the reply button, but the sotawatch page is very small text.

Here is a screen grab of the two versions I found.

Another vote for RRT from me.

I like the ability to spot via 3G or SMS. Being able to see current spots is also good.

I also like the show nearest summit data feature, saves having to carry a printout.

Colin G8TMV


Just thought, what are the iPhone options for spotting and sms self spotting?
My mate is iPhone and a different network which doubles our chances.

SOTA Goat is the most well known SOTA app for the iPhone but it’s only available in a purchased version I think.

73 Ed.

Thanks ed. I did find a thread here about it and had a look at the Apple store or whatever it’s called, but it didn’t seem to give any info at all on functionality?

You don’t actually need an app. You can simply use the browser or send an SMS. I don’t really get this app nonsense, must be my punched card heritage!

For the sake of completeness there are no SOTA apps for Windows phone, Blackberry, but there is an app should you have an old Nokia Symbian S60 phone. In the case of S60 I have a horrible feeling the certificate may have expired in 2013.