Which radio do you use to activate on HF (POLL)

HAHA ! VK3ZPF you have the right idea! You want to be heard!
John, K6YK

My other is ALT-512
73 de Pierre F5MOG

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My other Is the Xiegu G90 … Perfect for Sota operations with inside ATU.

73 de IN3EYY Nicola


My “other Elecraft” is a KX1 with the internal ATU. It’s currently a triband, 40-30-20.

I have the KX3080 expansion kit to add 80m and improve receiver performance, but I’ve been too busy with SOTA activations to take the rig out of service long enough to install the kit!


I would be interested in whether someone uses the MCHF SDR trx by m0nka. Or one of the many Chinese clones.
A few years ago I assembled it from hundreds of smd components and used it for sota for 2 years. Now I prefer the KX2

73 Chris


I voted for 3 options. One of them was ¨Other¨ because the SW-3B, I think that this little toy for its price and the support given, deserved to be named.


My “other” is an MTR-3b. My “Other Elecraft” is a KX1, which I love. The KX2 gets the most use, however.

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Thanks Andy for asking this. Very interesting. I use an IC7000…

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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I’m wondering if someone else is using one of the LNR portable radios :slightly_smiling_face:
from time to time I’m using the MTR-3B.
73, Roman


Maybe those should be in the KD1JV category since they were originally offered as kits


I do, and with an internal ATU and better antenna switching it is the rig of choice - a LOT lighter than the FT817. The 817 is only used now when I intend to use V/UHF or 13cm


My other radio’s are K2 & KX1

So that’s " Other Elecraft " then ?

Xiegu G90

73 de Martin / HB9GVW


Ah, OK I misread.

How is an MTR defined?

The original kits were designed and produced by KD1JV.

The LNR Precision MTRs were commercially made and I would think largely out number the MTRs built at home from kits.

I have one commercial MTR, and old MTR-3B and then I have 3 MTRs that I’ve built myself from kits supplied by Steve Weber.

I think it’s interesting how radios have changed over my time in SOTA - no mention of the ‘classic’ portable CW rigs in the list - MFJ Cub, K1SWL SW+ or N6KR SST.

73, Colin

Edit after re-reading the thread.

It depends on the purpose of the survey, but I think the LNR Precision radios should be defined differently to the home built KD1JV radios.

Strange these statistics, when the overall sum is greater than 100% :rofl: :rofl:
73, Nico

Not really, when you can vote for as many rigs as you use for HF /P. I ticked FT-817 and HB1B for instance.

The percentages reflects what proportion of the survey participants use that rig - not the percentage that each rig gets used on SOTA.


That’s too fine a detail for this level Colin, really KD1JV says enough about the radio being used. There’s 3 types of QCX on 5 bands how many categories do we need for that? This is a high level view.

Or why not go even further and define each rig individually by serial number? That way we can have a multiway tie between hundreds of rigs all scoring one vote.

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