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Which carbon pole are you using?


which carbon poles are you using? I’m looking for one to buy in EU.

Thank you for your answers!
Axel, DF1ET

Hi Axel,

I bought a very light and compact Decathlon Carbon fiber 5 meter long LAKE SIDE travel 500 (40,5 cm collapsed).
Very useful to travel with in air planes, and very light in my rucksack…

There are versions with 6 and 7 meters long, also in carbon fiber.

Good luck, 73

Hi Axel,
I presume you are looking at portable use? The FibreGlass (not carbon fibre - they can affect vertical antennas in theory) mast, I recommend is the one from Lambdahalbe in Germany. The 6 metre one is good value for money at €34 plus shipping (which isn’t much inside Germany, I think €5 or less). These are solid poles except for the top two sections which are better not used but are also small and light to carry.


If you want larger poles for use at the home QTH, take a look at DX-Wire:


73 Ed.

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a simply fibereGlass fish pole from Decatlon ±20€

is about 5,5m retracted 58cm
Gdl Don ON7QR
PS -1 is fibre Glass… higher nr is mix Fibere Glass Carbon

When I was looking for a pole, everyone advised me not to use carbon because it affected the antenna.
In the relevant ham-shops only gfk poles are offered.

Have you ever compared that? Do you have any experiences? This probably only applies to vertically polarized antennas… like every metal pole - but is its influence really so strong?

Carbon would be more stable and cheaper - especially in fishing shops.

73 Armin

My opinion on two types mentioned above:

First the facts:
At only 2 mm, the top section of Lambdahalbe is more or less unusable. Just got my Lifebreeze (thanks Bruno HB9CBR for initiating and handling a collective order).

73, Markus HB9BRJ

P.S.: The 673 g of the Lifebreeze is correct. Measured using my kitchen scale. GPB should read GBP, sorry.

The one from lamdahalbe is actually idential with a the 6m version from Decathlon Type Lakeside-1 with a shrinking tube over to protect it.

Price 12,90 €

I use the 3m version with a j-pole together with the handheld for lightweight activation.

And I tested a 4m Carbon version and it totally detunes the J-Pole so glassfibre is preferred if the antenna wire is mounted along the pole. For an Inverted V setup it would not matter so much if you keep it isolated.

73 Joe

Hi Markus,
A small correction - the lifebreeze site says:

So 770 grams not 670 grams as you have in your table:

  • which is reasonable as that ring on the top and the thicker top sections will add a little weight.

I presume it’s just a typo GPB rather than GBP?

They have a nice range, right up to 10 metres in length and some multi-coloured versions as well. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on shipping costs outside of the UK and shipping from the UK can be (and often is) VERY expensive when compared to shipping out of Germany - so the idea of a local group bulk ordering sounds like a good idea, to save on the shipping costs.

For Axel, to order just one piece, he may find the €23(UKL19.99) for the Life’s A Breeze pole costs up to €40 with shipping from the UK to Germany!

73 Ed.

P.S. UPDATE - I have just found that LambdaHalbe no longer ship outside of Germany. (not a problem for Axel as he is in Germany but for any others following this thread, you should note you wont be able to order direct from LambdaHalbe unless you are in Germany).

Because the postal service is no longer a public service but a private company.

Thank you very much for all your replies! - I think, I’ll give the carbon pole Ignazio, EA2BD, mentioned a try. - I’m using an endfed + tuner, hope signal strength will not be reduced by the carbon.

Axel, DF1ET