Whernside Sheep

Today I activated Whernside G/NP-004. All was going well on 30m CW when some sheep took an interest in the end of my EFHW. I had to get up and shoo them away. In doing so one pulled the antenna down. Fortunately no damage was done (to antenna or sheep, AFAIK) and I was back on the air after a couple of minutes. I noticed this evening that @SP9AMH and @DL5AZZ made comments about my disappearance on Sotawatch. Thanks for your patience and glad to get you in the log.

There must be something about sheep on the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Last year I had a similar experience on Ingleborough G/NP-005: https://reflector.sota.org.uk/t/killer-sheep-on-ingleborough-g-np-005


Occasionally I have encountered aggressive sheep, in Eskdale some mother sheep started head butting young sheep. I intervened and the mothers trotted off as though nothing had happened.
On Wild Boar Fell a sheep started snorting at me, then at a distance of 10m it turned and walked away.
I enquired of some farmers if this was common, they said it was rare, but did occur.


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They are interested in SOTA and amateur radio at all.

SOTA = Sheep On The Air?



SOTA - Sheep on the Antenna…surely?


Sheep, mostly rams have killed elderly farmers who get knocked over and whilst they are on the ground and of course make easy an easy target for the ram.

I have been attacked twice by sheep, once whilst house hunting in Ireland and involved a large tame Suffolk ram. Dave Perry's logbook: The Personnel Manager and the Sheep


There used to be a Ram that lived in the farm near the car park for Tinto Hill GM/SS-064. It tried to smash the fence posts down to attack me when I was parked the other side of the fence doing my boots. It seem like Satan’s own goat the way it butted the posts. I drove off with one shoe and one boot on and sorted my foot wear out half a mile away :fearful: