Where is everyone?

Right now, this is the total SSB activity, worldwide a across all major outdoor/portable activities:

And CW:

That is: not a single flippin’ person out there doing nothing on a mode I can converse with! And that’s the way it’'s been all evening!

Add FT8 into the mix, however and:

there are 2 other activators there if I scroll down. 3: worldwide

So, yes - I know it’s kinda early in EU, and kinda late in NA/SA. But 40m has been full of EU for the last hour or two, and 20m is now full of NA. And all I can chase is flippin’ computers warblin’!

Where are ye all?

Mondays: might as well stay in bed.

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Ok. Just chased @DD5LP on DL/AM-176. Maybe the day is not lost after all!


Maybe the angry sun isn’t helping?


Blimey! You’re asking a lot! At that time I had just reluctantly heaved myself out of my bed, gone through the three S’s and was starting to make breakfast. There had been an M1 flare at 0622 which didn’t do propagation a whole lot of good, c’est la vie!

Huh! - a real man goes through the FIVE S’s and has breakfast while doing so. You’re just not trying, Brian, are you?..

Well, I tried valiantly to make some contacts this morning on 10m, spotting myself for SOTA and then, after just 2 QSOs, tried up and down the band to make ANY further contacts at all. A couple of VKs coming through strong, but no QSOs and a big fat zero, nix, danada, ghosts… I’m beginning to suspect this 10m caper is just a cunning plan to get me off the other bands.

And, having been worn out by the vicious, bone-biting wind on my local summit, I do literally need my bed right now … and my teddy bear. So there!


Ha! My XYL is a self-proclaimed expert, and she says that I am very trying!


Yep, thanks for the unexpected call Matt - much appreciated.
That was 20m Long Path, I could get only one local contact on 10m Short Path despite hearing VK2 & JA there. A VK3 mate that I had had an armchair QSO with on 20m was way down in the noise with me on 10m while 2 VK2 stations were booming in (but I couldn’t break their pile-ups). So VERY strange propagation on 10m today.
The diagram from Pete may well explain everything!

73 Ed.

I had much the same - two local contacts (F, DL) on 10m, heard some VK stations booming in (I think one of them was VK6IA in Perth?), and talking with EU big-gun stations, but they could not hear me.