When Sally met Harry . . . summit report for Grosser Mythen, HB/SZ-019

. . . resp HB9DIZ met HB9BQU on Grosser Mythen, HB/SZ-019

Dear all

Yesterday Friday was a “bridge day” between Ascension Day and this weekend. And the weather forecast promised a beautiful day, but also slight wind and some clouds here and there. This was the best day to hike up to Grosser Mythen, HB/SZ-019, a summit of respect for me. I had read the existing report by Paul, HB9DST, what didn’t reduce substantially my concerns.

The basin of Schwyz seen from the balcony of Brandegg, HB/UR-074.

A map for Grosser Mythen, HB/SZ-019, with all relevant places.

How to get there? Take the Rotenflue gondola from Rickenbach nearby Schwyz (SZ), hike down 170 m to the saddle of Holzegg and start the hike up of 500 m to the summit. You can also drive to Mythenbad below the two Mythen and hike up to Holzegg and Grosser Mythen in case you have strong legs like e.g. our ham radio retailers @HB9NBG and @HB9FZC, hi. A third way is to drive in via Einsiedeln (SZ) via the Alpthal valley and take the Brunni cablecar to Holzegg. Yeah, Switzerland offers variety!

This is the face of Grosser Mythen . . . yep, when facing it!

Grosser Mythen is the main summit just north of the basin of Schwyz, capital of the Swiss state of Schwyz, or HB/SZ in the SOTA language, around 1900 m high and one of these summits seen from far away since located on the first ridge twowards the Alps. It was one of my special summits so far, since the way up is very impressive when you look up from Schwyz or stand at the wall at the saddle of Holzegg. There is also a second Mythen summit just aside, Kleiner (small) Mythen, HB/SZ-020, but this is the tougher one and a project of its own for experienced mountaineers, as well as Haggenspitz, a non-SOTA-summit.

Instructions at the trail head.

Can you see them hiking up and down in the middle section? View the picture in original size.

. . . and the zig zag trail of the starter section.

46 turns lead you upwards in the wall, merely vertically. But I was convinced to do it now, and its okay. Always be concentrating on the path, and take pictures only when you stand firmly on a safe place. There are a lot of new chains, and a group maintains the Mythen Trail very well. The trail is classified T3, and you need a good pair of hiking boots and your hiking poles. But you will meet people doing it without poles, and there are even mountain joggers proving mountain goat, hi. And you’ll meet probably Armin Schelbert (75), a domestic hiking up and down several times per day, and this for years. He’ll celebrate the 5,000th “activation” of Grosser Mythen soon.

The summit zone with the summit cross and the hut.

Don’t expect to be alone on the way. The trail is extremely popular, so we met hundreds of people. The most important task is to say “hello” to everyone.

Your place of wellness at the top of Grosser Mythen - the hut.

There is a hut on the top, selling a good soup and famous nut and almond pastries. The summit area is quite small, but I found a good place for my activation, even with the big 10-m-mast.

HB9DIZ activating beside a panorama stand.

I had read in the hut on our local Whatsapp channel that Hans, HB9BQU, is up. And we had just finished the soup and Hans entered. He had hiked up earlier with his daughter and had already activated on 2 m FM, which was promising with over 10 contacts what is much for HB9. Its always fun to meet other SOTA activators or Ham Radio fellows on a summit! Hans explored my EFHW with 1:64 coupler and 20 m of wire.

Checking out equipment of other activators is always fascinating. Hans, HB9BQU (on the left), and Markus, HB9DIZ (on the right).

The set-up and the activation went well, almost exclusively on 20 m. Slight noise on both band originating probably from electronic installations on the summit. But the place nearby the summit panorama stand was okay. Some 2 m FM QSOs completed the success from a SOTA perspective.

Don’t underestimate the way down from HB/SZ-019, this is probably worse for your knees than the way up and remain focused on the path again. And a “Wow!” will come over your lips when you are back safe and sound at the bottom of the wall.

Some turns and the stone bench.

Marvelous views here – towards the Alps . . .

. . . and there – westwards to the Mount Rigi summits (5 SOTA summits around the ridge in the middle).

Grosser Mythen was not only on my list. Mark, @HB9DBM, and René, @HB9CRY, activated today, only one day later.

What remains on my special list? Probably Marwees, HB/AI-003, but this one is not just nearby my home door, hi. Manuel will smile . . .

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


A. Wainwright once said “You say Hello to the first walker you meet on the day. The rest can share it out”

Great report Markus and some lovely photos. I can understand why the popularity.

73 Phil


A rather spectacular mountain. But you don’t seem too short of those in HB land :wink:


Excellent report Markus!
I really can share now your emotions, its all very true.

I’m a bit proud I made it , hi.

vy 73

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Hi Mark

Excellent job also on your side, I’m happy for you and René, HB9CRY – Grosser Mythen is viable! :sunglasses:

And your own holidays are coming closer now . . .

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hi Markus
Congrats for the Grosser Mythen and thanks for the beautiful pictures and the detailed report :sunglasses::sunglasses:
Thanks also for the QSO, which we had with you. The WX-conditions in the last few days were really awesome; we could activate all in all 8 summits since last Thursday :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Now we’re back at work and hope to meet you soon again on frequency :grinning::grinning:
vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

Hi there Carine and René

Next opportunity for me will be the HB9SOTA mountain activity day of next Saturday, June 8, 2019. Hoping for good WX and many chasers from anywhere.

Are you on the mountains or in your shop?

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Dear all

Some of you wished to see more of the mentioned hiking trail up to Grosser Mythen. Please find here therefore another selection of pictures to see better if this trail is convenient or not. In most cases you have the lower “zag” of the zig-zag-trail below you – and not simply “nothing”. As mentioned: remain focused on the trail when moving, and stand still to take pictures or enjoy the views. And take note of the bottom line of this supplement.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

On the path from the saddle at Holzegg towards the trailhead itself. There were some snow patches here at the end of May, so the access trail was a bit muddy in parts.

This is what you can expect frequently.

. . . yes!

Can you see the hut at the top? You get used to the up-and-down-views quickly.

As you can see: DIZ is still smiling!

There are even easier sections.

There are lots of chains on this trails. But I took them only a few times and was easy mostly with my hiking poles and a comfortable pace, suitable for me.

This is the famous bridge in the upper part with sharp declines to both sides. Simply remain focused on the trail.

And the same bridge from above: it’s not that much vertical, but the declines exist, hi. View to the north along the Alpthal valley towards Einsiedeln with its famous monastery.

The trail nearby the top. The number of people was sometimes more of a problem than the trail itself. You can cross mostly very well. If you are in a narrower place simply wait and let the experienced hikers pass by. This worked at any time for me.

At the top of Grosser Mythen, between the hut and the summit cross: a view from heaven down to the basin of Schwyz with the small old house of my mother-in-law. Simply great, yeah? I would not sit on the outer part, but you can stand there without difficult feelings in your knees.

. . . and again on the way back to the valley, a typical view of this magnificent trail. My knees were happy to have reached the trailhead at the bottom of the wall.

Don’t underestimate the ascent of 170 m up to the Rotenflue gondola, hi! We had preferred the Rotenflue gondola to the Holzegg cable car since this had saved us a longer car drive around the Mythen mountain group when driving in from Lucerne. By the way: the new Rotenflue gondola itself (without Grosser Mythen) is worth a lazy trip with your family - a nice and peaceful lower summit with great views!

Important Disclaimer: In no case will the author of this report be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of information of this report.


Nice report Markus, and beautiful pictures. I wish to go there someday. I have just put it on my bucket list.

Ariel NY4G

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Hi Markus

Yes, the HB9SOTA mountain activity day is a very important term in our Diary usually. Unfortunately there’s sooooo much work to do in our shop, that we have to work this Saturday and cannot participate this year :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

Maybe we will QRV next Sunday, and first of all we look forward to our big summer-break, which starts on 7.July and ends 16.August - we hope, that we can activate a lot of summits during this Holiday-weeks and we have some plans for a few great and big SOTA-Tours :sunglasses::sunglasses:

We wish you a pleasant and successful HB9SOTA mountain activity day next Saturday :grinning::grinning:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

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Hi Carine and René

I’m sorry to hear this, but I can understand that the mentioned ample summer holidays period – I wouldn’t call it “a break”! :wink: – must be balanced by hard work for and in your shop in the Black Boys County.

Please give a shout in case I should use HB9FZC on the bands this Saturday!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ