What SOTA infrastructure do you use?

HamAlert is also a very useful tool for me.


Ditto. Not thing I can get to do push on iOS. Love that I can set so many parameters.



Yes - HamAlert is great !

I would like to add SpotLite and Log4OM.

Andrew, Sota Spotter including the inclusive sms input, Sota CSV Editor, Yahoo Groups for VK & NA Sota, Garmin Base Camp used in conjunction with the mapping project.

What is this? How did you get Base camp to work with the mapping project?

And ON6ZQ’s Log2map tool: ON6ZQ | Log to Map converter


Import/Export tracks between the two and exporting summits from SMP and importing into BaseCamp.

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I find it interesting that only 82% of the people voting in this survey say they use the reflector, considering the survey is on the reflector shouldn’t this logically be 100% of the people surveyed!

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It’s a standard survey concept that can be used to get a handle on how accurate the answers are.

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Perhaps this is the only thing they’s used the reflector for? Want a better idea of what actually matters, and you’d need to include some sort of frequency-of-use choice, too. Probably more than the poll stuff here can sensibly manage, though.

I would suggest however that if someone was not a regular user of the Reflector, they would not have known about the survey post. I don’t believe it has been publicised outside of the reflector.

I agree however that survey features do have limitations, having used this feature a couple of times myself.


I have just recalled that I also use this app and I always choose the option of sending the spot through SMS:



In addition to the poll: SOTA Spotter (Android App)

The second question of the poll was

Some participants use the Reflector only occasionally, e.g. those with only limited English language skills. But of course you are right, a poll in the Reflector about Reflector use will be biased by principle.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Perhaps another one to add to the list would be Spotlite V2 ( Summits on the Air ). Especially as my understanding is that this is intended to be phased at out some point in time, so having an idea of how many people still use it, may be of assistance to the MT in their plans.


Hi Ed, we track what goes through Spotlite and I consider it part of SOTA.org.uk

OK if you track separately, then I agree no need to ask who’s using the feature in the survey.


Ohhh man! Too cool! I should have realized I could do this… I just never noticed that ‘export’ button… thanks again for the tip!

That’s exactly the same reaction I have every time I find another bit of brilliant functionality in the SMP. It really is an amazing tool.

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It has been more than a week since the last response. I suppose a good time to note that I can’t add a LIKE to my own post, so add one more SMS vote up there for me.