What SOTA infrastructure do you use?

What SOTA infrastructure do you use? What tools are critical for your day-to-day enjoyment of SOTA? I’ve added a poll here for people to vote, based on infrastructure I’m aware of. I think a lot will be self-evident and immediate selections, others less so. If I’ve missed anything, add a comment below.

  • www.sota.org.uk
  • SOTA Reflector (very meta…)
  • SOTA database
  • SOTAwatch
  • SOTA Mapping Project
  • RBNHole
  • ADIF2SOTA (and vice versa)
  • VK Port-A-Log
  • SaisieSOTA
  • Radio Rucksack Tool
  • SOTA Goat / That new notification engine thing I’ve forgotten the name of

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parksnpeaks.org is also critical for me.

What about SMS?


good point, forgot about that. If you use it, hit like on AB3TQ’s post.

I left PnP out deliberately, as it’s more of an aggregator than SOTA specific, but I do see the point. I’ll buy Allen lunch sometime in the next few weeks in apology :slight_smile:

I use Fast Log Entry (FLE) for my logs

not SOTA specific, but SOTA is supported (it checks summit refs), and very little typing to do
Luc - ON7DQ


What I also use all the time - is SOTA Filter - OK it’s only a front-end to SOTAWatch but in some ways so is SOTA GOAT and Rucksack Radio tool etc.


Ah, also I still occasionally use SPOTLite to enter spots or alerts from my smart phone or when the web gui to SOTAWatch isn’t working.



I also use the SOTA Spotter Andriod app.


Yes me too (SMS)


Click the like button then Ron so it gets counted as per Andrew’s reply.

HamAlert is also a very useful tool for me.


Ditto. Not thing I can get to do push on iOS. Love that I can set so many parameters.



Yes - HamAlert is great !

I would like to add SpotLite and Log4OM.

Andrew, Sota Spotter including the inclusive sms input, Sota CSV Editor, Yahoo Groups for VK & NA Sota, Garmin Base Camp used in conjunction with the mapping project.

What is this? How did you get Base camp to work with the mapping project?

And ON6ZQ’s Log2map tool: ON6ZQ | Log to Map converter


Import/Export tracks between the two and exporting summits from SMP and importing into BaseCamp.

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I find it interesting that only 82% of the people voting in this survey say they use the reflector, considering the survey is on the reflector shouldn’t this logically be 100% of the people surveyed!

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It’s a standard survey concept that can be used to get a handle on how accurate the answers are.

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