What is procedure when you have two ops for both to claim activation?

I’m hoping to drag a fellow ham up the hills to activate some summits (shared carrying and erecting power!) so what is the correct/best procedure for both of us to claim the activation points?

Create 2 accounts on the database, enter 2 separate logs.

From an operating procedure… one of you starts and tells the chasers that there is another operator waiting to activate. You work 4 and now you have enough qsos for the points. Let your fellow op have a the mike/key and he works 4. Now both of you are good. From then on you each work a short run and swap ops. Make it clear when you swap operators. Don’t alternate between each other as that slows things down and leads to huge chaser confusion. Many chasers will work you both even though they only get 1 set of points.


Would we use our own callsigns when we swap?

Least confusing when each operator uses their own callsign, yes.

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I was thinking that :smile:

The only time when you would not use your own callsigns was if it was some sort of special event or club station. Then you would only work each chaser once regardless of who the operator was.

Colin G8TMV

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I did alot of these team activations. Usually I just spot on the cluster one of the calls and something like “team with -other call-, please check op call” in the comments. The spotted operator starts calling first and as soon as he gets enough QSO’s just announces “30sec break guys, op change, -other call- will have the mike”, then second op starts calling announcing his call every time (to minimise confusion). If there’s a S2S both ops take turns working it.

It worked well even when activating together with YO9IPF.

YO9IRF Razvan.

thanks Razvan