What a lovely day

Did anyone else come out the house this morning and think oh why do I have to go to work? The weather is a perfect Sota day, clear blue skies no wind.

I came out and thought what a lovely day for a 16 mile cycle commute through quiet country lanes to work. And that is what I did.

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I did that yesterday - except I had no work just a great SOTA day out :slight_smile:

Certainly is cracking day down here in the SW in Cornwall :heart_eyes:
Out side building a 6m moxon for home use :smirk:

Forgot how quick the conduit solvent goes off. :blush:
Damn quick, so while doing must make sure joints are in and elbows in right position other wise OOOPS :flushed:

Next stage prepare the wire and feeder point

Man its warm already loving it :sunglasses:


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I’m stuck in an office looking towards Yorkshire moors!

Feel for you, don’t torture ya self.


Wall-to-wall sunshine in North Yorkshire. Unfortunately I am painting fences today. SOTA for another day.

David - G4ZAO

Ah but I am stuck in the office looking out over Hemel Hempstead.

Which would you prefer? :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

It’s also a stunner of a day here in the garden village of Wythenshawe.

Better get me sun screen out its getting a tad warm :sunglasses:


Add Bavaria to that list of sunny places today! Despite the forecast that said it would be anything but sunny! Tomorrow could hit 19 degrees and Thurssday 21 degrees - but that’s only the forecast, so going by their record, I’ll expect snow!! Hopefully get out to a summit on Thursday to test the new 80m antenna.

Friday is supposed to be a downpour all day - that forecast I can believe.


Not quite a sota summit (unfortunately) but it’s the closest I’ll get today in this sunny weather. I lunchtime stroll along the river.

Roseberry Topping peaking out in the centre of the shot.

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River behind my work QTH, lovely day here in Shrewsbury too :sunny:

No summits peeping over the horizon though…



Nicce again today here but I just heard the weather forecast for the weekend - SNOW!!

Might be some of the weather than Phil OBK and the guys are getting in Poland - Sleet this morning apparently.


A lovely day here… looking towards the Pentland hills but the view is blocked by the whisky bottling plant in the distance.

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Enjoy that sunny WX. I’m glad for you while it rained on me Sunday during my SOTA activations, it rained yesterday, it rains again today and they say it’s going to rain over the weekend… :frowning:
That’s why we have a lovely green countryside :slight_smile: and the grass in my garden grows tall fast :sweat:
Best 73 de Guru

There are worse things to block a view

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Sorry… my lucky day… sneaked off from my holiday with the family at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs to do Normanby Top G/TW-005. Lovely views and some great SOTA. Even spotted a DC-3/C-47/Dakota (Suspect Battle of Britain Memorial Flight from Coningsby).

Very nice landowner gave me permission after a long and varied chat.

Terrible WX… :smile:

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