Welcome to Goatdom MM0YCJ!

Hi Colwyn,

Have just noticed that you are on 1001 points so welcome to Goatdom! I remember your first activation GM/SS-158 (Black Mount) on the 17/Jan/2011 and you reached MG on 16/Sep/2012. A very fast MG! No surprise there. Well done and many congratulations!

I look forward to more joint activations and adventures in the future.



Congrats Colwyn.

Can you send a photo to tommyread ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com for me to use at RSGB Convention please? All the UK MGs over the last 12 months will be featured. Therefore, a photo on your MG qualifying activation would be ideal.

Many thanks.


In reply to M1EYP:
Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat Colwyn, you well deserve it and it’s always a pleasure to speak to you on your activations.

Hope to speak again soon on activations or other occasions. Once again, congratulations.

Good luck, God bless and 73,

Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

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Hello Colwyn,
Many Congratulations on your Goatdom,having worked you on this and your previous callsign on many summits Im not suprised at the speed You reached MG.
Thanks for your patience in the past when my signals have been weak/qsb. 73s Bob B6ODU

In reply to MM0DHY:

Many congratulations on the very speedy Goat, Colwyn and thanks for the summit contacts and points.

Best wishes for the next 1000.

Well done on achieving a speedy Goatdom…
Always a pleasure to speak with you in GM land.
I’m sure the next 1,000 points will be easier.


Congratulations Colwyn on achieving Mounatin Goat.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

Congratulations Colwyn.
73, Frank

Thanks Guys, for all of your congratulations and help.

Well mountain goat status in a day less than 1 year and 8 months and I couldn’t have done it without you all! My points total comprises 887 for summits and 114 bonus points for 38 winter activations. A total of 183 summits activated. Some I have been up twice (GM/WS-006) but only logged once to keep a 100% unique record. Six hills I failed to activate; two were in Italy this July; shows the limit of 2 metres, and I’ll be unlikely to ever go back to them. One in Switzerland and three are in Scotland, on one I had a frustrating three QSOs (!) they remain on my hit list!

A total of 1709 QSOs (average QSOs per summit = 9.3) from 709 callsigns so to all the 709 people (might be slightly fewer with /P/M/A stations) a huge and grateful thank you.

I logged 935 QSOs under my foundation licence callsign; MM6YCJ, and the rest with my full callsign; MM0YCJ. My intermediate callsign 2M0YCJ was never broadcast as my FT817 & VX7 only put out 5 watts so I was never in a position to breach my foundation licence conditions. I think my early success on 2m, 20m and 40m has led to me favour these bands and not experiment further. I favour resonant antennae to avoid the weight of an ATU and extra bands just mean more to carry of course so my inherent laziness doesn’t help.

From the total, 810 QSOs were on 2 metres, 40 were on 20 metres (including two to north America) and the remaining 859 on 40m. Overseas, my single summit in Switzerland was activated with 5 QSOs on 2 metres, 29 in Italy and 83 in England (OK, not exactly overseas!)

GM0AXY is my most prolific contact (45/183 = 24.6% of all QSOs). GM7UAU is close behind with GM4YMM. Fourth is the amazing and inspiring GM7PKT/P. Robin is always on or near a summit (34 QSOs) apart from one single QSO to his home QTH (I think). GM4COX is often up a hill and is always helpful with advice and reports, but I must lay the blame for my SOTA activity squarely on the shoulders of MM0DHY; it is his fault! My first activation was GM/SS-158 on the night of the 17th January 2011, under his supervision. I also want to thank GM4UYZ for his help since starting amateur radio. In fact thanks to you all for your help and patience in my achieving Mountain Goat status.

Highlights, good or bad you decide, included doing the Cuillin Ridge on Skye and activating all of the summits en route; I had even helped MM0DHY activate the Inaccessible Pinnacle the year before for the first time. GM/WS-006, Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan turned out to be a long term challenge. Beinn Mholach GM/CS-064 was a first activation and the 4 QSOs were summit 2 summit. On the 6th November 2011, starting in the dark I activated 4 summits (26 points) on a marathon day out; 3 for the first time, and I recall the final summit that day, GM/WS-160. The sun was setting in a clear blue, but darkening sky, I was miles from the road and the pile-up was enormous, in fact I recorded my highest number of QSOs from that summit; c’est la vie!

In April while ski mountaineering we attempted a peak in Switzerland called the Gross Leckihorn (HB/UR-023, 3068 m). Owing to my concern about the stability of adjacent snow slopes we were climbing the rocky north ridge when we saw 4 skiers avalanched. Luckily they were all dug out and survived; of course we descended to help, and we returned to climb to the summit a few days later although it was then too cold and windy to try an activation! Geal Charn, GM/WS-031 activation last Saturday on 40m when my 6m fibre glass roach pole snapped in the high wind. It was after 4 QSOs so although the hill was activated, my grand total was 995 points and it seemed like someone was trying to tell me something, but thankfully no lightening strike arrived! Next day, with a splinted pole I activated GM/WS-035 to achieve mountain Goatdom! Thanks to all the 25 QSOs on Sunday 16th September and M6NHA who was the 4th contact.

I estimate that I have activated around 37 summits for the first time including some in Italy. Activating all year round leads to some uncomfortable summit shacks!

I have submitted a few reports for SOTANEWS which Roy G4SSH has kindly published. Most I have added to the information for the relevant summit, apologies for this self indulgence, but I hope they are of some benefit to future activators and are entertainment for those chasers too sensible to leave the warmth and comfort of their shacks.

Here’s to the next 1000 points and I look forward to speaking to you all further down the log!


Fantastic achievement in such a short time!
Thanks for previous summit to summit contacts and hope we have many more.
Graeme… 2M0GIL

In reply to MM6YCJ:

It’s job very well done Colwyn. Achieving Goatdom in a short period is an achievement in itself. Having got there the slow way I know how much effort is needed to do this on mainly Scottish summits. There is a fine collection of “first activations” in your log. So fine that I feel I may have to gerrymander the database software so that it shows me first when I get round to bagging some of them!

Not only have you got to Goatdom but you have also gone right up the license tree to Full as well learning lots about radio along the way. It’s been a pleasure for me to have had a few S2S contacts with you too. I’ve also realised that it wouldn’t be long before a lot of us near the top of the Scottish Activator table would all be moving down 1 place. But to be pushed down by some who activated Ben More, Stob Binnein and Cruarch Ardrain in the same day means we’re stepping aside for someone worthy!

Here’s to the next 1000 and I hope we can have a joint activation soon. As long as you promise to go at my snail’s pace :wink:

vy 73


Hi Colwyn,many congratulations on your MG,pleasure to work you always and look forward to many moor.73 Don.G0RQL.

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Congratulations Colwyn, what took you so long :slight_smile: Ah, but seriously, well done, I remember working you on two summits on your Cuillin ridge activations from the Ben and also s2s on Aonach air Chirth when I was down on the Lawers hills and I reckon there’ll be a few more in the log somewhere.
You do well keeping it to uniques too,

Iain, VK3/MM3WJZ

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Congratulation from us both Colwyn; look forward to many more contacts.
73 de Christine and Ken

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Wow Colwyn! Didn’t realise that when I worked you last Sunday on GM/WS-031 that you were about to/had reached ‘Goatdom’. Superb effort.

I remember when I reached ‘Goatdom’ on GM/CS-015 (in a raging blizzard) I had had my 4th contact and asked chasers to QRX2. When I pushed on with my 5th I was asked if everything was okay? Yes I replied just having a wee celebratory Cream-of-the-Barley . And indeed it tasted sweet – the taste of success – hi!

Here’s to our next QSO – S2S? (ABW I’ll be out tomorrow)

Jack (;>J

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I wish to add my hearty congratulations too.

In such a short time too!

I think on average Goatdom is likely to take me about 40 years!

Well Done :slight_smile:

In reply to MM6YCJ:

Many congratulations, Colwyn.

I remember well our S2S Blencathra to Lochnagar - We were just using our handhelds having packed everything away ready to start our descent. A great end to a super day - thank you.

Very well done!

Karen (2E0XYL) & Neil (2E0TDX)

Welcome to MG Colwyn


In reply to MM6YCJ:
Hello Colwyn,

Many congratulations on your rise to MG and to Full licence too. I read your post with great interest. It was an early tradition to write down some ‘Stats & Stories’ on the occasion of your promotion to 1000 points and you didn’t disappoint on that score either. A lot of what you have done in reaching the magic 1000 attracts a higher than average difficulty rating and considering that fact, you have done it in record time. I know what it is like to activate in Scotland in winter and to say the least, it’s not easy.

Well done and VY 73 from me,
John G4YSS (G( )OOO/P)

In reply to MM0DHY:

Well done indeed!