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Weekend SOTA Brasil

Hi guys!

Here in the other side of the world (South Hemisphere :slight_smile: SOTA is growing steadly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Particulary in Brazil the community is getting bigger and bigger as new Brazilian Associations are being created.

Result is that we are having 3 to 4 activations every weekend (instead of 1 or 2 per month like some months ago) and the number of recurrent chasers are growing as well.
So we decided to make the SOTA Brasil Weekend in July to widespread more and more the programm in our country.

And all you guys are invited, as you can participate as chasers and swlisteners!

Here you have more information about it: http://sotabrasil.com.br/home/weekend and very soon we will have an English translation of that page.



Hi Douglas,
Wishing your SOTA weekend every success. Looks to be well organised and if your enthusiasm is any measure, you’ll recruit lots of extra SOTA activators and chasers.
I viewed the page using Chrome and it translated the page to English, mostly, which clarified what I couldn’t understand already. Having some knowledge of Spanish was helpful!
Good luck, hope the weather is good for the weekend.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

An Summit to Summit would be nice from Europe.

Douglas @PY1II, it may be worth trying 12m & 10m bands. There’s still plenty of SpE propagation on those in July and it may make it easier to get contacts in to Europe etc.

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Hi Andrew, Our community over here is really increasing. Unfortunately most activators do only VHF, but some managed to make some QSOs with Europe and USA, so if propagation helps, we will have some chances of having you guys as chasers.

Yeah! Google is a great help. Nevertheless we will prepare a English translation at least to the Event Page, so everyone can read that everybody can participate as chaser and SWL in our event.


We would be very, very happy if we can achieve such a S2S!

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Good call. I’ll use a end Fed so I’ll try these bands as well. Hopefully propagation helps us.


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