We just purchased our own summit!

Yesterday, YU1CA Aca, YU1RK Dusko and YU1JF Pedja completed the purchase of YU/IS-111 Lipovaca. HB9DST Paul is a silent partner; I contributed financially but my name is not on the deed (imagine the fun my tax authorities would have USA/Swiss citizen who owns property in serbia). But my ham friends know I am involved.

Background: more than a year ago, YU1CA was activating the summit and started chatting with the farmer/owner. He jokingly asked if the property was for sale, and one thing led to another. They agreed on a price, and papers were just passed

The plot is about 12-14m wide and about 200m long. It has a wonderful view of the Pozarevac fields, the towns of Veliko Gradiste and Golubac, the Danube river and on the other side the long ridge of the Romanian Carpathian mountains.

Our next decision: should we build a structure of some sort on the property? And any other SOTA activators are welcome to visit – there will never be a problem with the property owners!


Welcome the new residents of the United States of SOTA!
Or is it the People’s Republic of SOTA?



Would be great to see some pics from the summit and the surroundings. There is only one pic showing a border stone on sotl.as.

The provision of a table and a chair would be the minimum what a SOTA activator requires :wink:. Of course there should now be plenty of room for a hud and a fire place later on… :laughing:


And a well anchored timber/concrete fence post to strap an antenna pole to, unless there is one there already.


Presumably there is already a flag pole with a SOTA flag proudly fluttering over PROSOTA? (People’s Republic Of SOTA)

I like the suggestions of a bench (covered?) and a sturdy fencepost. Reasonably unobtrusive, but very welcome :slight_smile:


Put a 25’ tower up with a beam for everyone to plug their QRP rigs into when they arrive at the summit under the covered bench.


This is simply the best post I’ve read. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing and I will hope to chase you there! Why, it would be great to come activate from there!



My buddies added a few photos they have of the summit., posted to SOTlas. Unfortunately, not of the great views you can see from there.

Here is a sample summit GM/SS-219.

73 de

Andrew G(M)4VFL


Based upon empirical evidence, there are 5 stages of SOTA Addiction:

  1. If you look at a hill and say, “That could be a SOTA summit.”

  2. If you look at a hill and say, “I’m pretty sure that IS a SOTA summit.”

  3. If you look at a hill and say, “I KNOW that’s a SOTA summit.”

  4. If you look at a hill and say, “I’ve ACTIVATED THAT SOTA summit!”

  5. (The most addictive of all) If you look at a hill and say, " I OWN that SOTA summit!"

Enjoy the summit,
Dean ~ K2JB


People’s republic, eh?
Now that you’re a country, time to apply for foreign aid!

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You could have a yearly report and call it State Of The Acquisition.

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Would you consider to attach a sign “Priority seating for SOTA operators”?




Apologies for the previous remarks It was joke, but out of taste I guess for it to get reported. My bad

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My suggestion :slight_smile:

Oh, and a pub with overnight accomodation.

Oh and a nearby airport

Oh and a solar/wind power system



Oha Paul - really wonderful.

so I have to plan a activator visite soon.
(Now I am in TA3 - after will be in SV8) and asap I am mobil (by car) - Serbia is reachable from SV.)
How is the fee for entry to the summit yard ? :wink: :wink:
73 Erich

Reminds me of my review of the wines!

  • you can drink - you can take a bottle with you again
    ** you can also drink it with friends - 2 to 3 bottles are not a mistake
    *** goes to a very good meal - 1 box in the cellar is no damage
    **** great for special occasions - store several boxes!
    ***** An angel peed down your throat - try to buy the vineyard


73 Armin

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Congratulations! That is so cool! There was one for sale in the states in TN somewhere a while back. I was tempted to do the same thing you did. Insanely cheap (well, per California standards) for lots of land and the home. I hear the owner there will even ferry SOTA people up to the summit from time to time. Would have been a great place for a tower and a contesting shack… but the distance from my QTH and vacant property risks were too great.

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