Waun Rydd GW/SW-004 Joint activation

HI everyone.

Fantastic day out on Monday with Mal GW6OVD and Ian 2W0IWM on Waun Rydd GW/SW-004 for SOTA. Thanks to all the Chasers and to Mal and Ian for the invitation to join them…fantastic weather eventually and fantastic company…looking forward to the next one. 73 Allan GW4VPX …report on my Blog https://gw4vpx.blogspot.com/

Mal heading into the mist


Change in the weather…happy camper 2W0IWM…Spring is in the air???

Mal GW6OVD/p on 2m…12degC in the ‘pop up’ tent

GW4VPX/p happy with a pile up on 60m…they wouldn’t let me in the tent… I think I’m too loud :grinning:

Mal & Ian on the way back

Waterfall by the car park…heavy rain over night.


Interested in the pop=up tent as I’ll be activating in Scotland later this month. But when I looked at their dimensions collapsed I didn’t think they’d go in my rucksack.

Do you have a link for this ten or a mode/makers name please?

David in Robin Hood’s bay

Hi David

I have no idea what the dimensions are but I would estimate the diameter of it collapsed to be around 2 feet and no it will not fit inside a rucksack. If my estimation is incorrect I will get back to you after I speak to Ian.

73 Allan GW4VPX

OK, Allan, I couldn’t see a photo of it being carried. Thats why I thought it was in a rucksack.


Dave P