Was forced to change my plan – but not bad

The forecast for yesterday (2023-08-26) was good enough, no rain and thunderstorm between 8 in the morning and 5 or 6 in the afternoon. I planned to activate Motta da sett HB/GR-275 like the years before. When reaching the small street towards the start point two very new traffic signs were popping up – only open for special purpose or with special permission. 19 km hike instead of 13, to much for this time slot.

So I decided to activate Lueschgrat HB/GR-102, a convenient Summit in my opinion. After a 1 h drive to alp Luesch

and a coffee there I had to hike only 1.3 km with 200 m ascent. The summit has plenty of room and no visitors last year and this year.

I used my 7.5 m pool with 6 m vertical wire and an elevated and linked “radial”.

At first I was looking for CW contacts with my newly build QMX and a better working CW brain decoder than some days before.

10 MHz – 3 QSO
14 MHz – 8 QSO, 1 S2S

After calling for a while with no response I switched to SSB with the FT-817.

14 MHz – 11 QSO, 3 S2S
7 MHz – 6 QSO, 2 S2S
14 MHz again – 3 QSO, 1 S2S

This time the first rain drops came down, time to pack up.

At the alp I’ve got a nice and typical snack, cheese dumplings.

Now I’m trust to activate only with the QMX.

73, Ludwig


Looks like a nice peak. And the mini works well? I was thinking of building one but might start with an easier kit first. Like a qrpme rockmite 20 meter.

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Hello Pat,

the mini works more than well. I’m impressed. It’s dense inside but not so difficult to build.
I’ve made a QDX in 2022 and it was a good training.

Or you build a QCX mini. This TRX is easier to build but similar to the QMX in the basic construction.

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