Wall mount clips for fishing pole mast?

Currently my base station operation is from a wire dipole on my portable pole in the garden.
I velcro it to the washing line and away I go.

But I want to switch to clipping it to a handy (and more solid!) 6 foot brick wall I have.

As I am renting here, and a bungalow overlooked by houses also renting, I am only putting it up after dark and taking it down again.
So I need some good secure clips I can fix to the wall permanently, but easily fit and remove the pole to them without gouging scratches etc into the fibreglass pole.

I was thinking if anyone has done this it might be you guys here. Any ideas on the clips?

Not exactly what you asked for, but I recently put up an 8m fishing pole for an antenna experiment by bungy-ing it to a hanging basket bracket which was conveniently mounted on the house wall. It gives good clearance to avoid damaging the pole against the wall, and could be easily explained to a landlord :wink:


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At any DIY place such as B&Q or Wicks You can get plastic clips to hold pipes to a wall, like an adjustable ring with a base that can be screwed to the wall. They come in a range of sizes and one size (I can’t remember what it is!) is a perfect fit for my 8 metre fishing pole. I suggest you see if plastic pipe comes in a size that will fit inside the bottom of the pole without being too loose, you can fit this permanently to the wall with about a metre jutting above the top clip and then you can rapidly install the pole just by unscrewing the base then lifting it and slipping it over the pipe. If the permanent pipe is too obtrusive you could paint it to match the wall.


Ah the ever useful bungee. I’m not keep on hanging basket bracket, but I do love bungees.
Bottom could be a cup, just needing a top mount.
actually, thinking about it now, the top fixing can be higher than the length of the pole, so it could be a permanent circle.
Hmm, thanks for the direction! :smile:

Excuse me for asking is your land lord private or housing/Council

Does make a difference.

Try and make your antenna as non permanent as possible. When had a council place in Suffolk I had up a four EL beam. First part was scaffold pole in a concreted drum as bottom part. Bury the drum was buried in ground BUT 1 foot below level of the grass so not bee seen. So when moved cut pole down low replace grass not a problem. BUT then a second 22ft scaffold pole was attached to the first via swivel clamp on bottom of pole and the 22ft pole was raised to about angle off ground enough to take me beam off the ground and place it on top of the pole and then lift up into its vert position with rotator and all and clamp off the top bit and bingo she’s up. BUT with in 3 minutes it can be down on the deck and and grounded NONE perimeter .

Now 3 years this has been going on till knock at door. Its the council planning guy. So said to gent WHAT Ariel of big he no looking at ground. So took him into garden and demonstrated what I do. He was impressed, ticked not permanent isolation happy never heard form there again.

Now for what you want to do I be more inclined to drive in a scaffold pole minding there is no power, gas or water pipes in area a ten footer drive in at least 5 to 6 feet then you can strap your bottom of your mast telescopic to it as it won’t move. BUT here you can lower it and take it up at your leisure and it can stay there as its NONE permanent structure. Putting onto brick wall could weaken it and they could have that argument. But on this arrangement you can demo its can be easily removed if need be and antenna can be dropped down if storms arrive of if your away it can be removed. Some body will moan its granted for sure but you must demonstrate why you have it its part of your hobby and ITS not a flag pole.
Once peoples get used to it they will not see it hell I got two 22ft scaffold pole sin my garden holding up me 44m long Loop wire . So if I get a visit I can demonstrate its not permanent and designed if anything fails the pole scan only fall into garden and Joe public is not at risk

I like the way your trying to get on air with out causing problems around you end of day start small and slowly build it up under there noses LOL. Plus may be lightly guy it off so it not swing in wind to much. get plastic bit make triangle and lit it drop say 1/3 down. Good thing about this when you drop the antenna the guys stay where they are and antenna back up they just tighten off by pushing up you telescopic pole or downing it.

Hope this of help


I like that idea!
I have a basic Doublet for HF which is fairly permanent, but not very high. Other antennas come and go for short term experiments, and the quicker they are to put up and take down, the more time can be spent using them :smiley:

Some interesting ideas from Karl too, thanks…


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Thanks Adrian. :blush:
To share experiences is always good in helping others.

Made out of old chopping board.
22MM hole centre drops down to about 5M on me 8M telescopic pole.
Very simple goes on easy, comes off easy :grinning:


Housing association. It’s a bungalow for my daughter, overlooked by terraced houses, also housing assoc.
Due to one of them coming in our garden drunk late one night my daughter didn’t feel safe here. So I got her some CCTV cameras to watch the garden and wall they climbed, and the other way to the gate actual way in.
I started putting them up about 4pm ne sunday. Finished about 10pm.
Tuesday morning a letter from the housing association arrived saying they had received a complaint about my cameras!
So that is the level of neighbours I have.
So I’ll be keeping it to pop-up after dark.

Chopping board!! I was looking for material this week, and nearly butchered the lid of one of my cliploack boxes. As it happened I found some bare FR4.
but I have 3 chopping boards, nice one.
How did you cut that nice 22mm hole?

With a 22m drill? :wink:


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A tank cutter if you have one, or if you are an OF a hole punch for one of the standard valveholder sizes - is it B9A? (Hole punches only work for sheet ali or thin plastic)


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B9A is 3/4" I think, B7G 5/8". Being an OF, I still have a pair :smile:

From choice, I would use an auger style wood bit in a carpenters brace. It would cut neatly without heating up and melting the plastic like these new fangled power tools. As an OF, I have a set of those too :smile:


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