A little note.

When a Sota appears on the WAB net namely 7.160 there about,s PLEASE Note there is normally an controller runs the net and freq. As this morning it turned into chaos.

So if a Sota appears on the WAB net, please stand by till such time the controller invites people to joining the net and then stand by till your called again by call sign as a list is formed.

Personally might be idea for Sota operator find 40m freq, Work off the chaser pile up and then attend the WAB net. This be, what I would do.

That way we can combine the two as many UK Sotas are in WAB squares and trig points involved too with the Work All Britain.

PS :scream:
Steve hows the hair rearranging going on as was hitting 60mph at Rame head Cornwall Wednesday and had to rearrange the antenna from 8m to 4m and use the Inverted L wire as I broke me Vert wire by standing on it when trying to get the squid pole up.


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Hello Karl, you should have been following the path of RF.

Steve worked Hans DL/PA3FYG/P on 7.101 for S2S,

He then QSYed to 7.110, which is when I spoke with him, took some more calls who followed and then went onto WAB net. Net controller had to take a break and Steve returned to 7.110 until he was blown away. G1INK is currently the No.1 G activator so I guess he may know what he is doing :wink:



Do hope he’s ok :scream:
No doubt wind is not helping as even on exposed coast line Wednesday. it was hitting 60mph.

Its not aimed at Steve, he’s top class fella, but every one in general running Sota,s in the UK to whom wish to go to the WAB net afterwards. It did get a bit chaotic did it not.


That’s putting it mildly! Before the wind blew his antenna down it sounded like a pile-up for rare DX, some of the callers sounded almost desperate! When the hounds are baying long and loud my habit is to hold off until the more ungentlemanly rabble have been processed before making a contact without idiots walking all over it. Of course this can backfire if the activator has to pack up early or his antenna falls down but for Heaven’s sake, it’s only a game, not life and death!


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Interesting thought there as sometime you have to sit back and let it calm down and yet the activator can control it in sort of sense.

As was working Carl this morning from NZ-46 2E0HPI/p 40mb my god that was a ZOO more like working a rare pacific island on 40m. But Steve is a brave fella to go up there in first place. A true Sota activator, no matter the conditions.

Is it national chaos day.


Glad i wasn’t alone in this thought, the behaviour of some chasers today was awful ,
Even when he said he was going QRT , the hounds kept shouting…

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As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!”

IMHO, anyway, the WAB Net is not an appropriate place for SOTA activations … although I know some WAB-ers have taken to collecting trig points.

Walt (G3NYY)

Hi Karl et all.
Sorry for any confusion today. If I’m on a summit with a trig, I normally look for the WAB net to offer the square/trig as I also collect trigs activated for the WAB award. I normally qsy for SOTA chasers & spot myself. I think the problem today was chasers finding me on 7.160 and calling. I know nobody owns any frequencies, but I recognise WAB usually run a net on 7.160 and I respect this.
Anyway, today I managed to stay dry but the wind was beyond a joke, after 5 antenna collapses I threw in the towel, sorry for anybody waiting. I did manage to work a few at 5/9 both ways with the antenna on the ground, however I could hear the finals complaining with the bad swr. Anyway, safely in the hotel now with a boot (trunk) full of beer from Tempest brewery (walking distance) and I have WiFi in my room - result !! More activations over the next week but they look decidedly wet & windy :frowning:73.


You brave fella climbing up that hill, let alone me driving onto the exposed coast on weds in those high winds Big praise for trying and managed to rattle off few contacts, good man.

Enjoy that beer you deserve it.

PS its not your fault, its the chasers NOT listening to the freq.
Let alone struggling yourself to stay up there.

Heard one or two activation’s today that had major chasers calling when Op in QSO.

Lets hope today was national chaos day is over LOL.

73s cheers fella Karl

My policy is to not call an activation on the WAB net: I have tried WAB and it didn’t appeal but I have great respect for the award and am prepared to stay out of the way of people working towards that award. It is sad that the net should be invaded by the sort of zoo that SOTA chasing sometimes devolves into. The activator cannot be expected to control the morons that will keep calling while he transmits!

Steve, it was amazing the way your signal only faded by a few dB when the antenna fell, I wonder if with the aid of a small tuner this might be a high wind option to explore? It seems that contacts can be made with the antenna at a much lower height than we usually aim for!


Brian, I remember many years ago when I was in the army, we used to lay the antenna on the ground and use a tuner. It worked great for NVIS contacts to about 300 miles.

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Since I started using 60m for SOTA, this is always my MO.
Whilst I can’t say whether I’d make more contacts if the antenna was not lying on the ground, it certainly doesn’t stop me being heard.

I’ve also done the same on 40, 30 and 20 with favourable results. For a quick, windy activation it would always be my first option before trying to raise a mast. :smile:

You were spotted on 7.160 at one point , that is why they all descended onto the WAB net like flies :slight_smile: .
Was waiting in the wings to call today, and FYI u were 5/9 here with the antenna on the ground :stuck_out_tongue: .

And all is well with the world :slight_smile:

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From G0FEX
Hi Guys
I was doing net control at the time when Steve GM1INK/P called in on our net, please note Steve will call in on 7.160 when he at a trig or whatever square he is activating, this is not a problem, but as Karl has said it does create a bit of a problem when we have mobile stations activating squares, please note it would not really be a problem to run everyone down but we do run a controlled net, and do ask for check-ins, many chasers do not know this.
As has been said it may be a good idea to work all chasers on another frequency and then call in on 7.160, I too chase Sota and really enjoy it.
Many thanks to Steve INK for making the qsy lower down the band, enjoy the tour Steve.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

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As one who enjoys both SOTA and WAB, I am always grateful for the consideration given by SOTA activators who call into the WAB Net to give us Trigs and some hard to come by squares.

It is also refreshing to be able work a SOTA summit in the relative calm and controlled environment of a Net rather than the chaos of a pileup - also enjoyable in its own right (sometimes!)

Thanks Steve


Try turning the power down the 5 watts. That keeps things nice and orderly while doing SOTA on the WAB net :wink:

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You would still blow my windows out !

Personally Dave, I can’t turn MY power down to 5 watts, as my portable rig is a 5 watt rig anyway - it’s all you’ve ever heard me on!

Ok try it without an antenna screwed into it! :wink:

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