Mind you conditions other day were running well across Europe and Inter G on 40m hence so much European QRM.
But when am sotaing and listening to other chasers and when I hear M3RUG calling in and making the trip makes me smile cause as another small ickle station has made the trip on a mere 10w.

Keep up good work fella don’t know how long on you been on bands but perseverance works. Never say die and get in there.


WAB’ers are very grateful to the SOTA activators who bear them in mind and drop into the net. The problem comes when a spot appears with active net frequency on it and the “zoo” then all call in at once.

I was listening yesterday, in fact I was trying to check in to work Steve at the same time all of Europe called. Needless to say, I failed, but hopefully it will come around again in my lifetime, it’s only a hobby and I did note that the sun still came up this morning! It was amusing to hear the zoo still calling after Steve had QSY’d, proving that half of them don’t listen!

I do try to drum up support for the activators, when I get the chance, by re-posting activations that may interest WABers on our reflector. Those go out to over 500 subscribers.

It’s only a small token of appreciation, but there is a certificate available free to activators, starting at 15 pillar type trig points. You do not have to be a WAB member to claim it. All details are on the WAB website. There are some well known callsigns already in the awards issued list.

Out of interest (or not!), since the inception of the Trig Point Award last year, the highest claimed total is 780, so my guess is that over 800 have been activated. This still leave over 5,000 to go!

73, Dave, G4IAR
WAB Awards Manager


Until I started seeing this thread I would have had NO idea that 7.160 is the so called WAB Net frequency - and I will probably forget it in a few days when this thread has gone quiet.

If I had seen a spot on SotaWatch for activator on 7.160, just as for any other frequency: I would probably have listened to see if I was hearing the activator and in the event I was would probably have called to try and make a contact when any obvious contact already in progress had finished (unless it became immediately obvious on arriving on the frequency that is was a controlled net and then I would probably not bother at all).

Thanks Karl

First licensed November 2014 I did not get onto the air until Feb 16th 2015. My first SOTA was on 20th Feb 2015 when I heard GW0HRT on GW/NW-043 Cyrn-y-Brain - I was hooked.

My location gives me an easy opportunity to work SP, NW, MW, WB, NP and, on occasions SC & SW on 2m.

My frustration at that time was not being able to make any progress outside of the UK on HF.

That was fixed in June when I ploughed all my savings into a Ciro Mazonni Baby Loop and started chasing Steve G1INK around Germany.

I have spent a considerable amount of time working to continually improve my setup and worked hard to get a much audio into my transmission as possible.

Last Christmas another major upgrade was completed when I acquired an Elad FDM-S2 receiver as my Kenwood TS570 is totally rubbish on receive.

Now that I can hear them, I can try and work them!

So not quite a year SOATAing I am just 4 points shy of my Shack Sloath and have high hopes of completing that challenge this weekend :wink:



Get in there :smile:

Came back on air 2014 when moved to Cornwall.

Always room for improvement since last august i made and put up a full wave loop for 40m fed with RG6 q/w feeder works well for me. You be surprised on where you can get on 10w and decent antenna.

Like ya attitude get in there if heard some times it no work, and then at times it can really surprise you. Heard a Chilean station on 10m got straight in there other time no joy. recent best one was to a Sota in Australia both of us on 10w

Only got a trio 120v myself it does me well till get another.
Nice one hitting your first 1k and soon you be doing your 10k as working me way towards 12k at moment.

keep up good work :smile:


Yes, that had me looking up the local pillar trig points and I hope to get out to activate a few when the weather is somewhat better - no use getting blown away and soaked to the skin on your doorstep!

I have always been pleased with the reception received on the WAB net when operating from summits and was surprised to find a high level of interest when I activated a HuMP on Thursday this week. With no trig point reference to give away and SK39 being mid-way between Sheffield and Barnsley, I thought it would be thanks but no thanks, but it was just the reverse. The 14 contacts worked in just 6 minutes was a most productive addition to the log which was very much appreciated.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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All is gratefully received, Gerald! WAB has several awards that “reset” at the start of the year, so towards the beginning of the year, even well trodden or heavily populated regions will be wanted by many of even the long in the tooth collector. Of course there are always new members joining who need everything going!

Also, we have asked members that if a SOTA activator has taken the trouble to call in the net, that they give them a report to help fill up their log regardless.

The Trig Point award has proved popular with activators of all skills, some can be done with a short walk, some even mobile by parking alongside them and as you doubtless know, some need the skills of the more intrepid SOTA activator!

73, Dave, G4IAR

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[quote=“G4IAR, post:22, topic:12515”]
WAB’ers are very grateful to the SOTA activators who bear them in mind and drop into the net. The problem comes when a spot appears with active net frequency on it and the “zoo” then all call in at once.

Here Here Dave G4IAR

They should wait until they are asked to call the same as me

73 Graham G4JZF
WAB Membership Secretary

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Yes Graham they all appreciate the call in to the WAB net and as Dave says they should be given a report even if they have worked it before, nothing more demoralizing for a sota or wab mobile to have a run down of not required .
Unfortunately you will experience further zoo’s in the future as not all sota activators qsy after or have already worked on 40mtrs hence the spot appearing for the benefit of sota chasers. Don G0RQL.

I think that there are usually more than enough SOTA chasers on the WAB net when a SOTA activator calls in
to satisfy his contact requirements and give a Trig and if those that do not chase give a quick ‘not required’ it helps to speed things up. The net controllers usually ask the SOTA station to qsy after a run down so as not to disrupt the net. The ‘zoo’ descending on the a frequency when it is already in use by WAB net is not good operating practice and could be helped by not spotting SOTA stations on 7.160.

In the UK SOTA and WAB are so much connected by grid squares and trig pillars that there is a lot of common interest and operators have always cooperated in both activities.

David g6lkb

I will always try and make my SOTA activations valid for the WAB trig award if possible and am always grateful for calls from WAB’ers but (with apologies to those who may feel disenfranchised) you won’t find me calling in to the WAB net. Not only possibly unfair due to the number of chasers who may be attracted, to the detriment of the net, but I also have a dislike of controlled net operation anyway - must be the anarchist in me :wink:

And Don’s right, even though I’d know there’s no malice in it, if I’d fought through rain, wind and Galloway ground to activate a summit having someone tell me they “didn’t require” a contact would sting more than the slap in the face from the gale-blown corner of my tarpaulin…

Coming to a trig point near you soon (I hope)

73 de Paul G4MD

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