W7O Campout Update

W7O Campout 2022

Just another reminder to get reservations in for the 2022 W7O campout July 8-11 at Hyatt Lake Recreation area in Southern Oregon. This will be the first annual W7O Campout and it will be a casual meetup with lots of SOTA ops to meet and new summits to visit. We already have camp loop B full so are recommending making reservations in neighboring loop A. Still plenty of room. There are also privately rented cabins available that some are choosing at Hyatt Lake Resort. See original post below for details and let me know if you have any questions.

So far the list of ops planning to attend that I know of: AG7GP, N7HAP, K7ATN, K7IMA, WW7D, WU7H, NE7ET, K7WXW, N7KOM, WA7JNJ, K7AHR, N0DNF, W6TED, K7GT, WJ7WJ, KJ7EHA, W7KLK, KJ7YLJ, K6CPR, K6SBB, KI7VEM. I am assuming some local SOTA ops, KJ7GFN, W7FZO,KJ7SYX, KM7MK, KC7OOY, KJ6YYU, K6NGN will join us either camping or stopping by. Some alerts are already posted for specific summits. A fabulous start! If you are intending on coming and not on the list please let me know, it may help if we need to do some organizing come closer to the date.

We look forward to meeting many new people and several that most of us have only met via waves.





Amy, this looks like one of my S2S logs :grin:

Really looking forward to this event!



Right? This will be wild to actually meet who’s behind all those dits and dahs. Like a 40m cw reunion😄


Hi Amy. My wife and I have reserved one of the cabins on the lake, and we plan to be there for three nights. I hope to be in good enough shape to activate several of the nice summits that southern OR has in abundance. Looking forward to meeting you all.

73, Phil NS7P


Outstanding Phil! We look forward to meeting you and everyone coming!