W7O Campout-not too late!

Just a reminder that the W7O/West Coast campout at Hyatt Lake Recreation Area in southern Oregon is just over a month away and there is still time to claim a spot at the campground. July 8th-11th. We have Loop B and most of Loop A filled but still room. See past posts for more details.

I sent a group email to all I knew made reservations with some details of the area. If you did not get this and are going, please let me know. Some qrz emails were bad and didn’t make the journey. So far we have an estimation of 30-40 ops which is outstanding! Not too late to join, send me an email if you have any questions.

See ya in July, 73,


Thanks for sending the email, and getting excited for this great event!


For those considering the Campout - here are details in previous reflector posts:
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