w4vig :-)


sorry about that
Just worked

W4VIG ON 28375

Hard work but did it

well happy One’s first out side Europe SOTA

Go Go 10W

M3FEH Karl ( Bouncing off the walls )

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Well done Karl.
Good stuff.

thank you mike
wot a moment that was
next target the australians at the weekend


Hello Karl,

Yes quite a buzz 8)

Yes VK activations at the weekend but don’t
forget about tomorrow - South Africa - see the alerts. If you get
a contact I suspect you will need to be sedated :wink:
Night night

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Hi Mike,

WX forecast, high winds and heavy rain on Gun, in the morning…

Looks like a non-runner for me.

I’ll take a look early in the morning but I’m not holding my breath :frowning:

73 Mike

Hi Karl

Well done on your contact today.

Keep an eye on the Spots on Saturday morning as I shall pop down onto 40m after the ‘VK Sota party’ to give you and others a point from Mynydd Cynros GW/MW-034. I just hope the rain stays away as we have had enough of it in West Wales :frowning:

73 de Allan GW4VPX

Hi Karl,

Well done on chasing North America.
Good luck with the VK chasing.

73 Mike

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Nice, I worked him too, but I am stateside. I am slowly getting to “Shack” Sloth status. I am about half way there, but making a big push while the wx holds here in the US.

YES GENTS BRING on the weekend and thanks for the ZS reminders never reached ZS land parP yet as for the sloth well approaching fast 600 points one’s self now.

But end of day with thanks to all that take on these summits with there radios with out this would not work

M3FEH the sota mad one :slight_smile:


Well done Karl,it always comes with perseverance and proof you can work the world qrp.Perhaps a bit of help from the moggy I see on qrz sitting on the radio using the cats whisker.
As the guys say watch the alerts. 73 Don. Just up the road in the next county.

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Hi Karl, thanks for the call out. I had an absolute blast today! Being relatively new to SOTA, all of my contacts both chasing and activating have been within North America thus far. Seeing how hot 10m has been recently, I decided to give it a go, and boy was I floored when that first G call sign came back at me. At first I thought it must have been somebody operating stateside with a slant prefix that I missed, so it took me a few moments to realize that I was making it into the UK and Europe on 12 watts from an EARCHI wire strung vertically on a kite pole.

I am so excited about how well this last activation went and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks again to all the chasers, and to you Karl especially for staying with me while I tried to dig you out of the mud.



Thank u dennis again for pulling me out
brill to work
u only 10W this side and a G5RV from SW England

thank you for confiming this contact

yyeaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :slight_smile:

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Hello Dennis,

Thanks for the contact 8)

“and boy was I floored when that first G call sign came back at me. At first I thought it must have been somebody operating stateside with a slant prefix that I missed”

I wondered why at the time why you asked for a repeat; now explained. Here in the SE UK there have been quite a few storms and so my antenna was only 2.5 metres above the ground. I was amazed to hear you. I thought shall I call now or wait and hope the propagation improved with the risk of it not improving but declining so I decided to call you. As it happened your signal improved over the next 10 minutes. Thanks for the nice report and the summit - good stuff.

I hope to hear you on the next one :wink: 10M band has been the best chasing band (outside EU) for me for the last week or so. The antenna is a hexbeam and the radio is a Flexradio 5000A

Best wishes

PS: 13 Nov 14/1413Z - Just tried to email you via your QRZ email address-it bounced back as not known.

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Thanks again for the call Mike. I will definitely keep DX folks in mind more now when I go out. I need to update my QRZ page anyway, so I’ll go in and make sure everything is up to date.

Also, I dropped some QSL cards in the mail to you and Karl yesterday. I typically don’t paper QSL for SOTA, but this was just such a fun time for everyone I thought I’d mail some out.

Hopefully I’ll talk to you again soon on the bands!


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Hello Dennis,

The big problem here in EU, besides propagation, is breaking through Stateside chasers. Quite a a few help and say EU calling and the same applies over here when a NA station is calling and other EU stations announce that a DX station is trying to get through - it works most of the time.

I think the more bands you work the better the chance. The more accurate with the timings and band sequence makes life easier I think~at least for chasers 8)

Thanks very much for the QSL. I will mail you mine tomorrow.


Hello Dennis,
Your email is still flakey! You should get my card in a couple of days and thanks very much for yours. Internet does not work, US Mail should work but, if not, here is the card I sent you to download 8;
Best wishes

RX’ed mine other day
many thanks and your in return post very shortly
thanks again