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W4G Fall Campout 2022

Location: Lake Winfield Scott Campground - Lake Winfield Scott Rec, Recreation - Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest - Recreation.gov
When: Wed-Sun, Oct 12-16, 2022

Our fall campout is returning to its rightful home in W4G after having to cross the border into NC last year. Our base of operations this year will be in the Forest Service campground at Lake Winfield Scott. The campgroud is located smack dab in the middle of the high point summits in North Georgia. You can hike directly from the campground up to the Appalachian Trail and the highest summit on the AT in Georgia - W4G/NG-004 - Blood Mtn.


IMPORANT NOTE - You can only reserve campsites six months in advance and the earliest that you can make a reservation for the entire campout weekend will be on Saturday, April 16th, 2022.

There are two campsite loops in the campground and they have a mix of sites suitable for tents, small trailers/RVs and a few with electrical hookups. There are bath houses with showers on both loops. I have reserved the group campsite (exception to the six month rule) which can accomodate a few tenters, but more importantly it has a large fire pit and four picnic tables grouped together which will be a great common hangout spot. The group campsite (tent icon) is next to the south loop with trails that lead down to the south loop. Campsites 1-6 are very conveniently located to the group site, but any site on the south loop is very close. The campsites on the north loop are at least a 5-10 minute walk from the south loop.

If you are a tent camper and interested in the group site, shoot me a DM for availability.

73, pat - ki4svm


On the calendar! Looking forward to it!

I am going ahead and posting a tenative list of campsites for people that have already spoken up for planning purposes. Not that any of the individual campsites have/can be reserved yet and will update as soon as they are ‘official.’

Campsite Activators
Group Pat-KI4SVM, Ryan-WG4I, Paula-K9IR,Michael-N4DCW,Ariel-NY4G
5 Andrew-KD5ZZK
12 Mark-AE1MS & Jean-AE1JS
15 Andy-N4LAG & Debbie
?? Tom-K4SWL

73, pat - ki4svm

If all goes well between now and then, I plan on staying on the AT from Oct 12-15 and activating the AT summits along the way from Dicks Creek Gap to Neels Gap and staying at the campground that Saturday night for the festivities. If anyone would like to join me they would be welcome to come along.


Liz and I plan to go but we don’t know which site we will get at this time. We will be taking our 17 foot travel trailer.

Ron and Liz
NR3E and K1LIZ

Let me know if anyone need specifics and/ or pictures for any site before reserving. I can go and take pictures since this is pretty much in my backyard and I am up in that area every week activating something.

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Before we got the Interagency Pass, we went in one time to just drive through. Told the guy at the gate we were there to look at some campsites before we made our reservation. He let us right in without paying.

Of course, YMMV.

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Well, today is the day that reserving individual campsites has opened up! It looks like all 4 of the sites with electric hookups are already booked, but there are still plenty of sites on the south loop. We can probably accomodate 2-3 more tents on the group campsite, so just let me know if you are interested.

Campsite Activators
Group Pat-KI4SVM, Ryan-WG4I, Paula-K9IR,Michael-N4DCW,Ariel-NY4G,KO4LIT-Dee,Jamie-AA4K
1 Ron-NR3E
4 Tom-K4SWL
6 Dean-K2JB
7 Ben-KO4KVH
12 Mark-AE1MS & Jean-AE1JS
13 Andy-N4LAG & Debbie
14 Scott-KW4JM & Jeanette

73, pat - ki4svm