W1EJ - Newest Goat

Congratulations to W1EJ for completing his Mountain Goat. With a trip to 4 summits; San Emigdio, Cerro Noroeste, Frazier Mountain, and Mount Pinos he passed the 1000 points to achieve the goal of Mountain Goat. Ed got me started on SOTA in 2016 and has encouraged me and I was glad to be with him for his Goat day!


Good work, Ed! Congratulations!
K6YK, Rookie sloth

Congrats ED on your Mt. Goat achievement. Glad I was there to help. Be looking forward to the next goal. .

Congrats, Ed, on your MG!
Since you often activate in W6 and we are where we are in the solar cycle, we haven’t got too many QSOs. Only 2, one was when you activated W3/SV-001 and the other was when you activated W6/NC-165 and conditions were still good enough. It was back in March 2017…
Thanks very much anyway for those 2 valuable DX QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again hopefully soon.


Congratulations Ed,
It was nice to work you on your Goat Day!
Thanks for all the chaser points!
73, Gary

Congrats Ed on MG!

That’s a big accomplishment and you made a big effort to get it done before another Sierra winter storm blew in! Wish I could have contacted you on your final summit of Mount Pinos, but propagation didn’t allow it. Let’s celebrate with a beer!!

73, Woody/K1LB

It is tough from W6 to EU anytime. Thank you for the chases and who knows someday an S2S.

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You could have waited until I did my entries! Thanks buddy I couldn’t have done it without you. Where are we going next week?

I’m thinking over to 395 for Bald and Lookout and Mammoth. Looks like the weather might be good for the trip. Don’t know how long it will be easy to cross the Sierras because winter is coming!

John K6YK
Thanks. By the way I am going to get your buddy Jack to go on an activation with me!

OH boy ! that would be great! I’ll bet he still knows the code after all these years.
Have you ever tried 60 meters? It’s great for close-in summits (CA, AZ, NV, NM, etc.).

Congratulations Ed on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Ed! Always great to work you!

Keith KR7RK

Good going, Ed. Really hard to do it when you are surrounded by nothing but one point hills. I’ll bet you went through a lot of auto tires & gas.

Elliott, K6EL

Congratulations Ed!

Nice job Ed - feels good right?! No self inflicted pressure now, time to have some fun on the summits trying different bands, antennas, modes, etc. Have fun, baa! 73, Rick WB0USI

Congrats Ed on :mountain_snow: :goat: 73! Kris

Congratulations Ed!
73’s de John Paul // AB4PP

Congratulations Ed! Thanks for the Qs…
Bill, K0MP

Congratulations Ed! Bob AC1Z