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W1EJ - Newest Goat

Congrats, Ed!! You da Mtn Goat! …keep climbing and flinging RF!

73 - Steve/wGOAT

Congratulations Ed! Thanks for all the contacts.

73, Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Ed and thanks for Q’s

Congratulations Ed. Try as I did, I just couldn’t hear you on your MG expedition down south, though I did work Joe on one of “your” peaks that day! It was a pleasure meeting up with you last week and doing Pluto together. Look forward to seeing you guys down at Pacificon soon.

73, Todd KH2TJ
P.S. - I shot you an APRS msg to see iffen it was working - and 60M is a good band for us “locals” :wink:

Great Big Congrats, Ed! Always a pleasure to work you.
Di Di Di Dah Di Daaaaaaaaaaa Dit Dit!


Congratulations on achieving MG, Ed!

73 Paula k9ir

Congrats Ed! Thanks for the sota points. Well done. 73 de Scotty.

Congrats, Ed! It was a pleasure meeting you at the last Bay Area SOTA breakfast. Good work on the Goat!


Congratulations Ed. Tks 4 all the QSO’s along the way.

73 Rich N4EX

Congratulations on MG Ed!
It’s always nice to work you, 55 times in my log. Thanks for the chaser points.
Gary K3TCU