W0MNA 100K chaser points

Congratulations Gary on reaching 100K chaser points. It has been a pleasure to chase along with you over the years. I also appreciate the 117 times that you have been in my activator logs.

73 Rich N4EX

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Gary - I always look for you when I am on a summit, and it is a good activation when you and Martha are in my log! Thank you for the many chases!

Gary, thanks for the chase both ways and summits with our group. I owe my discovery of SOTA to you back a few years!

Those west coast SOTA guys only need one extra contact after all the zero callsigns of MNA, ERI and EVH get them!

John N0EVH

Congrats Gary on this very impressive milestone! You are among the top 13 chasers worldwide…a very exclusive group indeed! Many thanks for all the contacts over the past years. An activation is never complete without you and W0ERI in our logs.

73, Brad

Congratulations, Gary! Impressive milestone. Always a good signal into Tennessee.

Gary you are amazing! You are always there with a strong signal. I’ve even got you a bunch of times on 10 meters. Thanks for all the QSO’s, it’s been a lot of fun!
73 de KR7RK

Congratulations, Gary! It is always a pleasure to hear you come back to my calls from the summits. Thank you for your tremendous support of the SOTA activators!

Congratulations Gary for this result! It was always a pleasure to work you (and of course Martha :slight_smile: ) 93 times!

Congratulations Gary. Very impressive…one of the best!
Bill, K0MP

Fantastic Gary! Well done. I knew you were getting very close to this milestone. Looking over old records saw that in May of 2014 you were celebrating 20,000. So your average has been 20,000 chaser points per year. Wow! All the best from us fellow chasers. 73 de Scotty

Congratulations Gary. I see Martha is not far behind.
73 de Charlie, K0LAF

Congratulations Gary on achieving 100K chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Gary. One of the chasers I expect to log from every summit :grinning:

Roland K7FOP

Great going, Gary. Always nice to hear you in the pileups on both sides. If I miss you and Martha, i worry that I may not get 4 qsos. Congratulations!

Wow!! Congratulations, Gary! Soon we will be back in AZ and back on the air - don’t quit chasing now that you’ve hit this HUGE milestone!! We need you and Martha in our logs!!

Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations, Gary very Impressive. Always nice to hear you. Being new to SOTA it is encouraging when you take time to answer my CQ and work to make contact.
Tom ~ W1PTS

Congratulations, Gary!
A special achievement!

73 George N1GB

Congrats Gary.
You sir, are my top chaser.



This is a tremendous achievement Gary – I can always count on you and Martha for a qso! Scott kw4jm

Gary, your call was the first one I ever learned to recognize without having to think twice. And that’s because, of course, you’re in my log for nearly every summit I’ve done. Many thanks for all the Qs and congrats on the mind-boggling milestone.

Joe // N0MAP