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W0MNA 100K chaser points

Congrats from me too Gary ! (and greetings to Martha)
73 - Luc ON7DQ / KF0CR

Couldn’t imagine getting to Goatdom without Gary (and Martha)!

I’ve had more days than I cared for that my 10 watts SSB struggled and/or it was simply mid week and minimal chasers around. Could almost always count on Gary being my chaser on virtually all my NA activations.

I just need him as a chaser while activating within EU!

Thanks Gary!!

Paul M/W6PNG

Congrats, Gary! And thanks for being there!
Think of you as one of the “beacon” chasers; if the band is open, there you are.


Agree with everyone’s comments… always there, always loud and it feels like I am doing something wrong if you and Martha don’t end up in the log! Thanks for all the Q’s!

73, Jim/K7MK

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:dizzy:Congrats Gary! That’s some serious chasing! :+1::running_man: 73 Karen

Big Congrats Gary!,

I always appreciate your patience and persistence to complete the QSO even when things are tough. Look forward to many more down the log!

Mike - W7KKM

Congratulations Gary,you are my top chaser followed by Martha. :grinning:


Congrats, Gary!!


Congratulations that is an amazing accomplishment! I have enjoyed each and every one of our QSO’s, it is always exciting to hear your call - I look forward to many more.

Rob - AE7AP

Congratulations Gary! Thank you for the many SOTA contacts. Bob AC1Z

Congratulations, Gary, very impressive! We have you in our log many, many times.

Ron and Liz

Congratulations Gary! It’s always great to log you and Martha.

Thanks for all the great comments, but the real credit goes to the activators. If it wasn’t for them going out doing all the heavy lifting in the heat and cold, there wouldn’t be any need for us chasers. I think it speaks very well for SOTA in the USA as having three chasers now over the 100K point level, with another one about to break that barrier plus one right on his heels. I wonder, will W0ERI be the first XYL in the world to hit the 100K level? Thanks to all the activators for being out there activating while us chasers sit in our shacks drinking hot coffee or a cold drink. Keep up the good work. SOTA has made a huge difference in the QRP world.

Congrats Gary. It’s always great to hear you and Martha. I got half way to goat yesterday with 500 activator points. Wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Hope to work you every time. 73, KC4WZB

Congratulations Gary! Thanks to you and Martha for helping me out on most of my activations, and many more to come.

Congratulations Gary and thanks for all the chases over the past couple of years!!

Congratulations, Gary, and thanks for all the QSOs!
Peter KD0YOB

Hi Gary,

Finally got my computer working and a BIG congrats to you for achieving this major milestone. I checked my log and with you as an activator, I have you in the log 49 times over the years. You are definitely a fixture on the band. Brother Phil is knocking on the door, so I believe he’ll be next. See you in the pileups. All the best to you and Martha.

73/Tommy W7RV (Black Hole, AZ)

Congratulations Gary! Thanks to you and Martha for all the contacts and help on the peaks over the years.


Mike - ke5akl

Congratulations Gary, Thanks for all the contacts - I’m looking forward to many more :slight_smile:
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ