Voice recorder for logging?

As I’m learning CW, I’ve been toying the the idea of getting a voice recorder for logging. The recordings are date/time stamped and I could go back while on the summit and transcribe everything without having to worry about logging will keying. Has anyone else ever used one of these for logging?

Hi Richard,
That is something I’ve done with my smartphone voice recoder a couple of times when I was not able to use my paper log due to rain. It worked well.
Those recordings were not date/time stamped and I solved the problem by speaking out the time of each individual QSO. That was on SSB and I fear it wouldn’t be possible on CW. For CW, it would be a question of speaking out the time at which the recording starts and ends and then interpolate in between for about 1 minute per QSO, which is the time it usually takes me when running a pile-up.



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It will take longer to say what was sent to you than to simply write it down at the time. Another problem I can see if you try to ‘speak’ what was said, is having to be memorise what is being sent. Its much easier to write 599, ref GM/NS- 005 etc., etc., as its being sent rather than remember each letter and say it whilst concentrating on what is being sent. And if you can remember what was sent, and record it afterwards, there’ll be lots of callers, who you may well miss or not hear.

I remember learning morse and writing it down from day one, was no big deal - it just becomes automatic.

I am bringing a Zoom Q4n along to record video and high quality audio for my YouTube videos.


For cw you can connect the radio to the input line and then your headphones to the Q4n. Audio gets passedthru.

The automatic level adjustment is very helpfull.

If you don’t need video there are more options on the market.
I don’t replace the logging but it is a good way to double check if everything is correct.

73 Joe

Only feature I miss is waterproofness.


I found some that will date/time stamp each recording automatically. I’m hoping the VOX can be set up so that it would trigger a new recording on each QSO.

I was thinking about recording what I’m hearing as it is coming in. Really I’d just need Callsign, RST, and Ref if it is a P2P or S2S. The recorder would timestamp the recording. May have to practice just saying things as it comes in when I start doing head copy.

I use an app on my iPhone “Recorder Plus” it dates & time stamps the audio so I can go back days later and log the exact time and date at my leisure to finish up my logs.

Logging a SOTA Activation without Pencil or Paper!
(short video showing the app in use)

Good luck, Steve/wGOAT

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