VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018 (Part 3)

Hi Wal,
RBN is only CW and many of the S2S contacts were SSB. There was a site that showed your SOTA contacts on a map, perhaps that has more features, if only I could find it’s URL again!

73 Ed.

Edit: the Sota Mapping Project has a “Spots” facility but we would have had to run it straight after the event.

Challenge accepted!

Interactive version here: VK/JA/ZL<>EU S2S event – March 10, 2018
You can click on the stations or on the arcs for more information, and adjust the time range.


  1. For lack of a better data source, S2S QSO information has been screen-scraped today around 22:00z from the Activator Logs in the SOTA database based on the participant list posted by @DD5LP. It seems that some stations have not uploaded their logs yet, or my script has not found it for some reason, or they have not activated after all, or used a different callsign (DM2AXL, G4OIG, G7LAS, GI0AZA, GI0AZB, JJ1SWI, LB4FH, M0IML, M0NOM, M1EYP, OE5FDM, OE9HRV, OM1AEG, VA3OZI, VE7KPM, ZS5APT, ZS5AYC). I will update the data again later. Some callsigns were not found in the DB (2E0AXL, 2E0HZI, SV2RUJ, VK2ARI, ZL2EA, ZL4AV); perhaps those people have multiple callsigns. Let me know if your data is missing and you think it shouldn’t be.

  2. Only matching QSOs from the activator logs have been considered, i.e. where both activators have logged the other station (/P suffixes etc. ignored for comparison), and the band/mode matches, as well as the time (to within 30 minutes). The S2S/chaser logs have not been used (many people forget to upload them anyway…).

  3. S. E. & O. (sal­vo er­ro­re et omis­si­o­ne) – I have hacked this together in a hurry, so it’s possible that some QSOs/stations have been left out, or that some of the information displayed is wrong. Let me know if you spot something.

vy 73,

Manuel HB9DQM


WOW! Thanks Manuel.

Would I be correct in saying if both ends are not in the S2S database neither will appear? Seems logical as where would the line be drawn to?

The callsigns in my list with “-----” under the First spotted time did not activate.

I had two (only inter-Europe) S2S contacts and I’m not shown on the map.

P.S. the time slider is really good!

Almost – to be precise, both ends must have uploaded their Activator Log, and the QSOs must match up. The S2S database entries (“Submit Chaser/S2S/SWL Entry” etc.) have not been used for this map.

That’s because neither M0NOM nor OE9HRV have uploaded their logs yet.

Thanks that makes sense.

By The way G4OIG used his old G8CXK call sign for this event.

G7LAS was with 2E0YYY but did not operate I believe.

Thanks Manuel thats awesome! Do you mind if i screenshot that map for our national magazine (with credit)?

Hi Ed,

I only made 10 contacts all morning, all of them s2s. Don’t recall ever doing an activation were every contact was s2s!

BTW, Yes, that is correct, G7LAS did not operate.

Just had a look at my s2s logs and I have a backlog of over two years to add into the database :frowning:

73 Mike

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Thanks Manuel, that is a wonderful tool, something I will show to my friends next I see them.

73’s Wal VK2WP

You showed this event fantastically

Very good Manuel, in fact brilliant! The map projection appears to indicate short path QSOs when I believe the vast majority of DX QSOs between EU-OC will have been made long path over central / southern America. Maybe it is possible to program reciprocal bearings into your amazing software, but you would need to be selective in choosing relevant Qs I believe to get it to be accurate.

73 Phil

Shows me I needed to try harder!! Excellent story of the night apart from that.


OE5YYN :wink: but this is probably due to Ed listing us both for the same summit. We also worked 40 and 2 m with a number of S2S contacts…

73, Sylvia

If that is the case, there are a few situations where I grouped the calls together in the spreadsheet. e.g. The Russian trio, the NZ Trio and the South African pair.

73 Ed.

Thanks all! I have just updated the data, and made the map a bit more mobile-friendly.


I think it would be possible to trick Google Maps into showing arcs for LP, but since we don’t know which QSOs really have taken place via LP (although it is likely that most if not all of the VK <> EU did), I have just left it that way :wink:

Sylvia, your (or Peter’s) EU <> JA QSO is now on the map as well. Good job! :smile:
Any QSOs that are still missing on the map are most likely due to missing logs of your S2S partners.

Not to worry, I included all callsigns in the data extraction. However, in case of multiple activators at the same summit, it was impossible to click them individually as the icons were exactly on top of each other. I have now worked around this by adding a small random offset (± about 100 m) to each activation’s coordinates, so if you zoom in enough, you will be able to click the activations individually.


Really cool map and evaluation! Thanks a lot for your efforts!

73, Sylvia

Nice work :slight_smile: I see that I’m missing, even though I uploaded all my logs the day of the event (LB4FH/P). There are 10 S2S QSO’s listed in the SOTA database.

I finally got time to editing my video from the event:


Is it possible that you made a mistake with the date of your Activator Log (09/Mar/2018 instead of 10/Mar/2018)?

Thanks for the video - very nice activation!
You’ll need to split your log into separate UTC days for the 9th and 10th and upload them separately.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

@HB9DQM and @VK2IO Yeah I see now, this is because I uploaded both days at once. I thought the database handled that. I’ll delete and re-upload later today. I’ve probably done this a few times then, as I frequently do QSO’s both at the evening and morning while camping, and log everything electronically at once. Thanks :slight_smile:

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