VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018 (Part 3)

Thanks a lot Manuel - the map projection can only encourage more of us to get involved in the next event.

73 Phil


Thank you Manuel.
Let’s meet at S2S next time.

De Katsu JP3DGT

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SV2RUJ = SY2BIK in DataBase!

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Yes, Stavros upgraded his licence class and his call sign changed from SY2BIK to SV2RUJ. He kept his ID in the SOTA systems as SY2BIK.

Needed to work out how to submit my log to the database as it was my first time! Have now added my single contact, which was a S2S with 2E0YYY/P. It is not appearing in my S2S list though. Do I need to do something different to flag as a S2S / does the join run as a batch overnight / does it not count as my activation failed as only 1 QSO / something else?

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For S2S contacts they have to be entered as an activator contact AND as a Chaser contact and in the Chaser entry panel there’s a check box for an S2S contact, which when ticked opens up boxes for you to enter your summit (the one at the top of the chaser entry panel is Mike’s summit.

If you use a program on Windows or an app on a smart phone to enter your log, they have ways of craeting a file that you first upload as an activator log and then as a chaser log.

73 Ed.

Aha! Thank you. Now sorted :grinning:

And to your earlier post Ed hoping I don’t get put off by my failed activation, I certainly won’t. It’s labelled as ‘failed’ in SOTA speak as I didn’t make the 4 contacts, but I had a great time - outside in the fresh air and mucking about with radios for a couple of hours - which for me at least was entirely the point.

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Is anyone arranging another SOTA-DX event in the northern hemisphere summer months?



Hi Ed

I am. I will check for suitable dates this evening (after my work day).