Visiting Isle of Man and Wales

I will visit Isle of Man and Wales in the end of this month.

Isle of Man: from 27 April to 1 May 2019
Wales : from 1 May to 2 May 2019

Isle of Man is holiday style DX pedition with my friends MD0HWX Hiro and MD0IUX Shin. I will try to activate some summits in IOM.

In Wales, I will activate from Mt. Snodonia.



Hi Toru

Snaefell can be accessed within about 20 minutes from the mountain road, or you could do like I did and incorporate it into a walk from Sea to Summit. South Barrule is also easy to access with a 20 minute walk from the road.

Enjoy your holiday. I have yet to complete all GD summits, but it is on my list!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

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Be aware that Snowdon is a very busy summit. It can be difficult to erect HF antennas there at peak times.


Hi Mark
Thank you for information.
Yes Snaefell is the one that I wish to be.
See you on air mate.


OK got it.
Thank you for information this is very important to plan my activating from there.


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Hallo Toru

I’m a little bit jealous …

Wales …and Isle of Man. Great island. I’ve been there for manx gp. So much to see.

… and don’t forget to greet the “little people” at Fairy Bridge… :wink:

73 Armin

Ah, motor cycle road racing… few things are more exciting.

Hi Armin

I also visited there 20 y back. Very much exciting of return to there.
See you on air mate.


Hi all

Just reminding our IoM DX Pedition start this weekend.


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Have a great time Toru!

In your five days, you can easily activate all five GD summits should you wish to.

Lots of information on my website pages - GD

Bear in mind that most places on the island stop serving food by 8pm! After that, you can get a curry in Douglas but very little else!

With the current good weather, and the Easter and May Day bank holiday season here in the UK, Snowdon GW/NW-001 will be very busy when you visit - like G3CWI says - in fact it will be very busy even if the weather is bad. 2m FM from a handheld will very likely be the most sensible option therefore from there, but you will make lots of QSOs easily like this.

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Snowdon was a tad busy over the Easter weekend !

The combination of the Easter holiday and the heatwave certainly had people heading for the hills. There were queues for photo opportunities at the summit of Pendle Hill G/SP-005!

I guess a crowded summit like the one in the picture may not impress much someone like Toru coming from a country with pretty crowded urban areas like JA, but I assure you it scares someone like me coming from an area EA2/NV with a density of 62/km2 (160/sq mi).


Hi Tom
Thank you for information. I really wish to activate from all summits in IoM.
Will refer your footprint in your website.
Surprised to see such many peoples on Snowdon. Perhaps I can only on-air in VHF UHF.

Anyway thanks for information.


OMG, Such numbers of peoples?

I will come in 2nd of May, and its Thursday after Easter then I hope not like those pictures. Anyway thanks for information.


Yap, JA is pretty much crowded but perhaps this reminds me mid summer Mt Fuji. Thank you for info


I got noticed the frequency step of 145Mhz and 430MHz FM in UK is 12.5kHz am I right? Also got to know call channel is 145.20MHz and 433.50MHz.

By the way what is the process of CQ in UK. For example in JA most of the case CQ station made CQ call on Call CH and announce to QSY to another CH, i.e. 145.45MHz. Then CQ station again make CQ call after QSY. The same process is used in UK or just make CQ without using Call CH?

Please can anybody let me know these process normally used in UK.

Also 145MHz/430MHz SSB and CW are popular in UK/EU? If yes which spot is widely used as spot?


Hi Toru-san,

It’s Joe OE5JFE / JJ1FJK.

Call channel on 2m FM is 145.500 MHz, then QSY to free QRG (145.2000-145.5935MHz with 12.5kHz steps)

Compared to the way in JA were one would after the callsign state for example “portable one” use:

Callsign stroke portable

instead. I think it is good practice in the UK to handover the microphone with an “over”

Will you be operating HF SSB as well? Would be fun to have a S2S with you. 40 m or 20m should work fine from Austria to the UK.

Btw. will visit JA again end of August and join the Tokio Ham Fair. Hope to meet you there.

73 de Joe

12.5KHz for 2m, 25KHz for 70cm

145.5 & 433.5

CQ has best chance on calling channel. If chasers know you’re working on a certain channel they’ll follow you there.

I can’t speak for EU but in UK those modes on those bands are not as common as FM. There is some activity especially if you coincide with one of the RSGB’s activity nights. The RSGB site is a good source for bandplans etc


Lots of people use old 25kHz filtered gear still on 2m. Try to use 25kHz spacing ( i.e. 2x 12.5 ) such as 145.475 or 145.450 etc. rather than 145.4875 so people using old gear do not spread into your 12.5kHz channel when they call on 145.500.