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Visiting Isle of Man and Wales


Hi Joe
Welcome! This year the Ham Fair is 31 Aug and 1 Sep @ Tokyo big site, the same place as two years back. SOTA Japan Aassociation will have stand in there. Please visit and join for eyeball party on 31 Aug night.

Also thank you for hints of operation. I will try to QRV in SSB as well.



Andy Thank you I got understood. Very good information.
See you soon.



Andy understood. This also very informative for me. See you sson



And yet yesterday, one valley away on GW/NW-045 and NW/GW-014, between getting dropped off and picked up I met noone - not a soul. Just saw one guy in the distance coming down Moel Hebog.


Same. Just before I battled through the bank holiday masses on Pendle Hill G/SP-005, I’d done Boulsworth Hill G/SP-008, just a short distance away. A much nicer hill, a much nicer walk - and I had it all to myself!


Gah, I’ll be flying out August 15. In any case, a SOTA dinner before the ham fair is still a valid option :smiley:


Keep me posted on that dinner. Would love to join if I may be so bold to invite myself :sweat_smile:


Arrived IoM in this early morning due to delay of ferry from Liverpool. Just after arrival I made QSO on 7MHz from cottage. Tomorrow I will come up to Mt. Snaefell. Please find me.



Yesterday I made activation from GD/GD-001 Mt. Snaefell. Thank you for call and I made 3 S2S QSO. Today I will activate from GD/GD-002 Mt. Slieau Freoaghane.


Hi Toru hope you’re enjoying the Isle of Man it’s a beautiful place.

There should be extra points just for being able to pronounce that one :rofl:


Golf delta stroke golf delta zero zero two

Easy! :wink:


Very difficult or almost impossible, then I announced only reference number… :sweat_smile:



Hi Andy sure it was actually I did…:sweat_smile:



I’m on a way back to home. Thank you all for chasing. Unfortunately Snowdon gave me a tough weather then only 6 FM QSO has been made on 145MHz and no HF has been made. I really wish to see the marvelous view from summit. But this was the reality.


Route and altitude was below.


In Isle of Man I made two SOTA activations. This was Snaefell GD/GD-001.



I followed Mark’s suggestion to start from Laxey.



This was second SOTA activation from IoM. Mt. … (difficult) Mt. GD/GD-002 (Mt. Slieau Freoaghane)

I walked 28 km for this time.




See you soon mate



Actually the pronounciation presents no particular difficulties: [sluːfəˈraːn]

It’s the spelling that is tricky.



Well you certainly did the Manx hills ‘properly’ Toru! Sea level to the summit - well done.

As for Snowdon you did better than I a few weeks ago. I turned back about a 100m below the summit due to the weather. I’ve climbed it umpteen times, but never with a radio!

Pity about the weather, you’ve come a long way!

PS what is your photo of? :thinking: