VIDEO: OE5JFE on Klosterwappen OE/NO-001

Hello everone,

Please join me on my hike to Klosterwappen OE/NO-001 - the highest summit in the region Lower Austria of OE land. Never the less a very descent hike with over 1500+ m ascent from Weichtalhaus via a scenic ravine. Autumn weather at its best.

A bit of mind game as just 8 km away one of the biggest wildfires in Austria was just more or less under control by the firefighters.

I arrived the day before and the road was closed. But after contacting the hut and discussion with the fire fighters I was allowed to proceed. It turn out they closed the road at the wrong spot…

This is part of my Tops of SOTA Austria tour trying to activate all “001” of Austria.

Btw. inspired by Manuels @HB9DQM challenge

I did the day after also the highest point of Burgenland (with is now OE/BL-020 Rosalienkapelle (Rosalia) as OE/BL-001 Geschriebenstein was assign to HA as Irott-kö and later also the highest point of Vienna OE/WI-001 Hermannskogel
Both are super easy and a nice way to recover from the hike.

So 4 out of 9 completed - with some challenging ones ahead :slight_smile:

  1. 25 Jun 2018 OE/KT-001 Großglockner
  2. 28 Oct 2021 OE/NO-001 Klosterwappen
  3. 29 Oct 2021 OE/BL-020 Rosalienkapelle (Rosalia)
  4. 29 Oct 2021 OE/WI-001 Hermannskogel

Here the video:

And don’t miss the bonus at the end of the video (Minute 10:45) :cat:

And some pictures:
Start from Weichtalhaus - Alpine training center

Follow the ravine

Over some ladders

Summit in view

Summit cross

View south west - to wild fire area. A bit of smoke visible (center of image)


Enjoying the afternoon sun, great views and a cup of tea

73 de Joe



Nice video!

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Nice one Joe. Long time mate. I heard myself just before Sylvia in the video but I don’t think we made contact. maybe next time. Till then stay safe
Best 73 Allen

Hi Allen,

Thanks for watching.
And we had a QSO about 3 minutes after the QSO with Sylvia:
09:49 2E0AGB 20m SSB

73 Joe

OK Joe my memory is like a sieve lol Thanks

It was already 2,5 weeks ago so no hard feelings :sweat_smile:

Nice video and an impressive hike to the summit. I liked the bonus COTA - Cats On The Air. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of doing all the 001 summits. Food for thought…

Hello Joe @OE5JFE.

And again an exciting report from you with beautiful pictures and recordings :+1: :goat: Many thanks for it :wave: :beers:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Hello Joe. another great video! Well done with the activation. :+1: :smiley: :beers:

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

Thanks everyone for commenting here and directly at the Youtube video.

@M0WIV John, Cats on the Air I guess will cause a lot of purring interferences on the bands :joy:

@VK3SQ Geoff, thanks for motivating all the activation report and video makers here on the reflector. Much appreciated :+1:

73 Joe


Hi Fraser, @MM0EFI

I am answering your question from the Youtube Video here as I guess others are interested too.

Nice one Joe! What antenna did you use for 20m?
73, Fraser MM0EFI

It is an Upper (or Up) and Outer so basically a kind of “slightly” offcenter fed linked vertical.


I like it a lot as it requires little space on the summit and I have my trekking pole with me anyhow to hold the horizontal element (elevated radial).
Quick to setup. No messing with long wires. My go-to antenne since I do HF activations.

Some pictures from another activation:

Mine is bought from here but I just recently found the build instructions so I might build another one myself.

73 Joe