VIDEO: OE20SOTA on Großes Maiereck, 1764m

Hello everyone,

Join me on a tour to bring the 20 year celebration callsign OE20SOTA /p on the Air.
This time to the summit Großes Maiereck OE/ST-173 in the boarder region between Upper Austria and Styria.

This activation happend just a short time before the recent X-flare making HF more or less impossible.

It was a lovely day in the spring or almost summer like nature. Lot’s of small crecks, flowers and blue sky with moving clouds.

Here the video:

During the approach in the video I give a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in SOTA OE and worldwide. I hope everyone get’s a chance to get OE20SOTA in the log to celebrate with us.

And some impressions:
View from other side of the valley indicating the route

A table near a pond inviting of a snack break

High pasture hut on the way

Follow the ridge to the summit

Signpost near the summit indicating other options for approach

Summit cross

I hope you enjoyed!

73 de Joe


Hi Joe,
again a very nice video!
Thanks for the S2S to OK/PL-050

73 de Klaus, DL2KL

Hi Joe, thanks for the nice video.
I see, there is no more snow on the route. Maybe, i can do this tour 2024.

73 de Karl

Hi Joe, another great video with the special call. Well done. :+1:

Cheers to you- :beers:

Geoff vk3sq

Thank you also for the S2S Klaus and the kind words. Unfortunately the audio was to low on camera to add our QSO to the video.

I was also surprised. FYI The approach from the northern side (Hengstpass) still has snow fields near the summit. But a rewarding hike. I think in summer the huts are open on the weekend.

Thanks Geoff. Cheers back to you for watching!

73 Joe

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I saw your spot on Sat morning but the bands were terrible I didn’t hear a thing. I sat for 2.5hrs changing bands, freq’s and chasing managing only three calls. Well done, looks a lovely part of the world.

This video is from Friday just before the flare hit.

Saturday morning was still okayish on 20m to some of the big-gun chasers but in the afternoon almost dead silence on all bands.
Sylvia OE5YYN was bringing OE20SOTA on Air on Saturday and had no or almost no HF contacts at all.

Interestingly I worked a POTA station in Sweden Saturday afternoon with 55 both ways. So I think it was more a coincident if and where a skip landed.

73 Joe

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That would tie in with my experience, I had a guy pushing out 500W, I got a call in to him but he missed some of my C/S. Then he just dropped off. Nothing, went back a few times and nada silence. I did hear one chap doing Italian Castles on the Air, again he was booming in all morning working a lot of Nederlanders but he couldn’t hear me.