Video: HB0/LI-008 Kuegrat 20.06.2019 HB0/OE5JFE


Now finally the video from my HB0 activation one day before Friedrichshafen.

Started the hike quite early and left the hotel at 6:00 LT. No traffic but still took some time to take the narrow roads up to the Gaflei parking place.
Thunderstorms were forecast for noon so I wanted to be back at the car just to be on the safe side.

Aparently I was lucky that the Fürstensteig was already open for the public after the repair of winter damages. Herbert @OE9HRV informed me later in Friedrichshafen about that.
The last 3,5 minutes of the video show the exposed walk down in a 8x timelapse.

Activation started on 2m FM with contacts to OE, HB9 and DL.
Then 40m SSB. There were no other hikers up that early so I had no problems setting up the dipole.
A total of 37 QSO in rather short time.
Special mentioning of Guru @EA2IF wishing: 73 have fun! And I did have fun in HB0 :+1:
And my first QSO with Ed @DD5LP. We usually have a bad skip distance on all bands.

The forecast was correct and dark clouds were getting closer so I made a decision to call it a day and head back.
At the car thunder in the distance and it began to rain. Perfect timing :slight_smile:

Here some pictures:

And here the video with the timelapse of the Fürstensteig(from 10 min 00 sec):

Hope you enjoy!

73 de Joe


Hi Joe,

very nice video. Thank you!

73 Lutz

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Hi Lutz,

Thanks for the nice feedback.

73 Joe

Nice video Joe, way too scary that one for this old bloke, well done.


John VK6NU

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I always enjoy watching your videos.

Thanks for share It.

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Very interesting and nice report! Thank you Joe!

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Thanks for the great video Joe. 73 de Manfred – DL9MDI

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