Video: Double first activation of Schwarzkogel and Kleiner Rettenstein

Hello everyone,

As already teaser here the first video from the double first of Schwarzkogel OE/TI-453 and Kleiner Rettenstein OE/TI-376 is online on Youtube.

Some facts:
Starting point and parking space: Oberlandhütte near Aschau (Kirchberg in Tirol)
16 km distance, 1500 m altitude gain (and of course also descent) but well built and marked trail.
It took me 7h 10 min of pure hiking time + 2x time for the activations.

Trail to Schwarzkogel is easy and well marked (but also ~ 1000 m elevation gain).

The final section of Kleiner Rettenstein requires good balance and you better have no vertigo. Colour marking is black = difficult (!)
Be mindful off your skill level.
There is not much space in the activation zone. A vertical antenna for HF is highly recommended. A dipole will be difficult to setup especially if other hikers around.
2m FM can work as you can reach parts of OE7 and the some southern parts of DL.
APRS coverage is good from the repeater Hohe Salve.

Here some pictures:

And the video:

GPS track for the double and for the individual tours are uploaded to SMP.

Hope you enjoy!
Thanks to everyone chasing on a weekday.

73 de Joe