Some activations on the way to Friedrichshafen Ham Radio

Hello everyone,

A bit of a teaser and report from my way this week to Friedrichshafen.
I will upload YouTube videos after the fair.

Monday 16th of June '19
Double first activation of Schwarzkogel OE/TI-453 und Kleiner Rettenstein OE/TI-376.
1500 m of total ascent that day.
A lot of QSO on 20 and 40m on Schwarzkogel. Thanks to everyone chasing on a weekday.

Kleiner Rettenstein is marked as a difficult path (black) and a solid balance is needed.

Tuesday 18th:
I first activated Rossgruberkogel OE/SB-415 on a beautifull day. It took me 3h of hiking time to get up. What a great panorama.
No space for the 40m dipole so 20m vertical and 2m FM worked well.

Tomorrow HB9

73 Joe


I was hoping to do the Schneibstein DL/BG-061 today. When I got up at 5am there was a thick layer of cloud over the area. As I was walking to the cable car it started to rain, so I called it off and drove to Feldkirch. The weather here is much better and the Ardetzenberg OE/ST-526 is only 2km from the campsite. I had a nice walk up and decent pile-up on 20m. So, not a dead loss, but tomorrow is not looking good for the Augustenberg in HB0. I may head up into DM instead. I’m glad to see you’ve had better luck than me Joe; well done on your 1st activations. I will have to wait until September now to get HB9 and HB0 in the bag.
73 de OE6FEG

Thanks Matt for sharing. I am surprised because today WX was excellent. Almost too hot.

3,5 hours and another hour in the traffic queue from OE to HB0 at the customs I managed to reach HB9 in the afternoon.
I went up to the Stein from my hotel Schönenboden near Wildhaus. It’s not a big hike but I sweated heavily. And then some buckwacking as this summit has no defined trail for the last 100 m or so. My calfs are still pulsing from the nettles that tried to keep me from activating HB9 hi.

But I finally reached HB/SG-057.
20m and 40m worked very well. Gave 17 and 12 a try but no returns.
40m to OE5 worked ufb and Sylvia and Peter. @OE5YYN @OE5AUL are in my log :+1:

And early bird tomorrow for HB0.
I have it already in view

73 Joe

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Yeah, about 32°C here in Feldkirch today. I’m just relaxing with a couple of Puntigamers as I write HI HI.

Okay then the full reveal :grinning:

Enjoying a very nice dark beer from the region.



20th of June '19

Just came back from activating Kuegrat HB0/LI-008. Thanks for a lot of contacts on 2m FM and about 40 QSO on 40m SSB.
Dark clouds pushed closer and so I had to skip going on air on 20m and higher.
Back at the car distant thunderstorms audible and it began to rain.
Perfect timing I would say.

Afternoon relax mode enabled :wink:


I just realized why I gave so bad sent Rst reports. Pre-Amp IPO was deactivated on 40m. My bad :sob:

Now set correct for all bands.

73 Joe

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. . . ihr seid ja alle unermüdlich!

Zum Glück gleicht sich das bei den Bierflaschen wieder aus, hi.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Well done Joe, you’ve done a lot of climbing over the past few days. I had better luck yesterday on the Gehrenberg DM/BW-348. There is a very handy summit shelter that protected me from the increasingly frequent showers:

The forecast is all over the place at the moment. I’m not sure if I’ll try to activate Höchsten DM/BW-854 before the SOTA dinner, I’ll have to see what the sky is doing.
73 de OE6FEG