(Very) Easy summits around Reykjavik

So, we appear to be off for a few days in Reykjavik late in October.
Primarily, we hope to see the Northern Lights, and smelly geyser type things :slight_smile:
Of course, wanting to see the Northern Lights means that the weather will probably be terrible for the 4 nights we’re there so I’ll apologise in advance! but there’s also the possibility of doing a SOTA activation… Probably only one, if that.
As it’s unlikely we’ll have a hire car, something easily accessible from Reykjavik would be ideal
Are there any locals who could suggest such an easy summit?

Thanks in advance



Don, with TF being such a new association there are only a few TF amateurs reading the reflector. You may have more success by mailing the AM or the RM direct.

AM: Egill Ibsen, TF3EO: I don’t have his email address to hand
RM: Einar Kjartansson TF3EK: eik ‘AT’ klaki.net (fix the obvious)

Ah, yes very true… I’ll try that route!



from looking at sota maps and google maps the closest to Reykjavik is TF/SV-041 - 1 pointer as its only a little over 3 miles from centre of Reykjavik.

It is possbible to drive, using a 4x4 with low gearing and good ground clearance to summits of TF/SV-041 (Úlfarsfell) TF/SV-018 (Bláfjöll) TF/SV-013 (Skálafell) and TF/SV-043 (Þorbjörn). There may be a closed gate on the last two though. Renting a suitable 4x4 like Suzuki Jimny is very expensive in the summer, probably more reasonable in October.
It should also be easy to get to Úlfarsfell using public transportation (bus), there is a parking lot at the circle on west end of the hill.

Thanks for that.Time will probably be tight, and we probably not have a hire car, so TF/SV-041 sounds the best. I’ll investigate the possibilities for getting to it when we’re there