Vertical alternative for windy summits

Hi there! I’ve been reading this post and I want to share my experiment with a vertical solution; its just a rearrange of a linked dipole with a 5m whip and the KX0R versatile tuner that I usually use with my EFHW antenna.

Here sometimes the wind at the summits it’s really strong, so its better to use a reduced size vertical instead. I have a DX-Wire “Midi” 11.5m but it can be used with a fishing rod also, it was tested on a small version of my pole, only 6m raised.

Here is a draw that I was been using on a windy summit, the wind was so strong that broke the tip of my pole… I change to my EFHW but I notice that the radiation Pattern was not really good for DX.
I made this rearrange of the dipole, used as tuned radials:

The circuit its this:
Using the tuner allow me to adjust the SWR on different terrain conditions.

I tested and worked ok!, I compared it with my EFHW and the report said it was better with the EFHW on 40m but on 20 and 15m I made some CW qso; saddly no RBN registered my activity yesterday.

Soon I will be using it on a summit!


I guess you won’t be testing it on a windy summit with the umbrella though? :grinning:


Maybe its a better way to get home earlier? haha


Buenísimo! Ahora solo queda llevarla al campo de batalla!

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Verticals works fine at stormy wheather.
I usually use a similar 10 m pole with a vertical wire. The most important thing is to keep the wire fixed at the tip and along the pole so that the storm does not tear it down… what happened to me twice… :smirk:

73 Armin

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I’ve several times used a vertical wire inside my telescopic fiber glass fishing rod.

This is a neat way to avoid problems with the wire getting hooked by branches or blown away by the wind.