Using 2 Callsigns simultaneously?


I moved to Austria last year and got a new license here recently.
Since I intend to use my Croatian call in Croatian SOTA activations and the Austrian in Austrian, is there a way to use two Callsigns simultaneously in logging or do I have to change it to the Austrian one?

Thanks for your help!

You enter the call sign you used on the air when you enter the activation. So you can use one or the other call sign. They all get saved in your account where your home association and call sign is listed. As you have moved to Austria, I suggest you log in and change your call sign to your Austrian call and your home association to Austria. That way your account reflects your situation but all your SOTA effort so far is still available to you.

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Thank you for the clarification.

So what is your Austrian call?

It’s OE6ALK :slightly_smiling_face:
@MM0FMF is it possible to change the Callsign/Profilename in the forum also? It seems it is hardcoded to my profile.

Welcome! Looking forward to meet you on the bands and mountains!

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Done - you are now OE6ALK here

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That would be another one for this thread: Meaning of the suffix

ALK = Short for German word Alkohol
So cheers :beers: and hear you on the bands

73 Joe


In English, it is “alcohol”, so ALC.

My FT-817 has an ALC meter that is used particularly when operating datamodes. It accurately reflects how many beers I will drink after an activation…


I didnt thought its so obvious haha :beers: :beer:
Thanks for the welcoming! Can’t wait to hit the mountains! A lot of options here though :thinking: