UPDATE: FREE Mountain Goat "Ear tag" for W4 MGs

UPDATE: I believe I can mail the ear tag in a regular envelope, so no need to send me the mailing cost.

As a new member of the SOTA MG herd, I wanted to give something back, and so I’m offering for FREE (yes, free), a Mountain Goat “ear tag” to SOTA activators registered in the SOTA database in the W4 region that have achieved Mountain Goat. The tag is a real goat herd ear tags that is laser imprinted. If you would like your ear tag, please send me your name, call sign, and mailing address and I’ll get one out to you. If you prefer, we can also meet up for a future activation and I can give you your tag then. Thanks.


  • The tag is made of durable plastic (it’s meant for goats to wear for a long time) and is about 2-1/8" x 2-1/2" and suitable for hanging from you gear…not your ear : )

  • The SOTA logo is used with the permission of Summits On The Air

msgaltman @ gmail.com


Who will be the first to post a photo of themselves wearing one in the correct manner? :rofl:


Love this idea haha I know a DBL Goat who needs one in VE6.

73 de VE6JTW

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Hi Jesse. Thanks. I wish I could afford to have these made free for every association, but not possible. However, if you’d like I can share the artwork template I created as well as information on the company I used to have them made. That way you could create ear tags for MGs in your region. Only catch is you can’t charge for them if they have the SOTA logo on them. Let me know.

I would never charge for them anyway, Sota is all fun and quite honestly I think they are hilariously perfect and fitting. Please do shoot me a email with the information and who you had them made with.


73 de VE6JTW

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RR Jessee. I’ll get the info to you today. FYI, “no charge” comment is just be sure I stay friends with the SOTAwatch org folks who gave me permission to use the logo :slight_smile:

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