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Update CT7/G4OBK/P CT7/G4ONL/P

Hi Victor & Phil

Congratulations on a FB SOTA expedition to NW Portugal and Spain. It has been great fun chasing you.


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I have enjoyed following your expedition and chasing you both where possible work and conditions permitting. Safe journey home.

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Thanks for all the contacts. Always nice to work one of you 2 guys.
Save home.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW

Thanks for all the contacts both. Enjoy the journey home.

73 Allan

Thank you both for the visit and the contatcs, hope to see you back, soon.

Paulo, CT2IWW

Yeah Thanks for all the contacts you two been good
Best 73

Many thanks from me also, you both worked very hard with long days. Hopefully, I’ll be crossing over into France/Spain next spring and plan to do a few gentle activations but it won’t be anything like as concentrated as your trip are there is Mrs M0WIV to keep entertained. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fun over the past week following your tour. Got most of the summits with both of you. Missed today’s finale due to an eye appointment. 73 de Damian

Thanks to all the chasers for the multitude of calls over the last 10 days. It has been a great tour with 40 summits activated, but all good things come to an end.

Phil is now on the plane back to G land and I am relaxing in a very nice hotel at Porto Airport, I fly back to EI tomorrow and then home to GI.

We have really enjoyed our time in Portugal, the people here have been very friendly and hospitable. The weather has been superb other than a little rain on the first 2 mornings, but at least it was warm rain :smirk:

73 Victor CT7/G4ONL, soon to be GI4ONL


Lovely country and vy nice people!


How did you get on with the language? Written down it looks like Spanish but it sounds nothing like it.

Portuguese is easy. The most important phrase is

thank you: obrigada

Then you need the following which is all I’ve ever needed

Large beer please?: cerveja grande por favor?

Another large beer please?: outra cerveja grande por favor?

Hi honey, can I buy you a drink?: Oi querida, posso te pagar uma bebida?

Get the lady what she asked for please.: Pegue a senhora o que ela pediu por favor.

I’m sorry I didn’t know she was your wife/girlfriend!: Me desculpe, eu não sabia que ela era sua esposa / namorada

I don’t feel very well, I’m going to be sick.: Não me sinto muito bem, vou vomitar.



I have the basics in several languages.

Order first beer.

Order subsequent beers.

Beyond that I struggle other than the specialist vocabulary required to book into a campsite. :slight_smile:

Food can be bought in supermarkets without linguistic gymnastics. :slight_smile:

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We had no major problems, sign language is wonderful, i.e. point at something then indicate with your fingers how many, simples :grin:


Hello Phil, hello Victor,
Phil, I’m happy that I caught you on your very last activation S2S in cw. I was once not on one of my local summits :circus_tent:, but on DM / NS-165 with Uwe, DK8OA and my brother Detlef, SWL

On this activation we have used not mine but the new paddle product by Sebastian Stetter, DJ5SE. It works very well.

Enjoy your home, 73 Chris

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Many thanks for the contacts Phil and Victor. The propagation did not always favour the path between us and I had restrictions on my shack time, but it was good to make the contacts we did. 38 summits in just 9 days is an impressive achievement… it makes the 20 in 7 days that Paul G4MD and I did some years ago look like we included pub time in our itineraries. :grinning:


Actually, 40 summits Gerald :wink:


That’s an amazing result, boys! Phil’s pacemaker seems to work really well and he is clearly in good shape. Both of you are.
I’m glad that you had such a great time in Portugal and Spain and so much success with your many activations.
I could only chase you 5 times to each of you on 20, 30 and 40m, sometimes due to my unavailability and sometimes to propagations conditions not very favourable to me.
Well, I hope you both had a good flight back home and I guess you’ll now get a well deserved rest.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again soon.